Weird But True

By Maria Silvo

Have you ever had that experience of wanting something, wishing for it, and getting it?

I had. And I got it. Instantly. It was weird but I’ll embrace that kind of experience in a heartbeat.

A week ago, I attended an auction webinar where the organizers sold over two dozen products at below the market price.

What fired me up was the chance to not only buy incredibly low priced products but to win a prize. I was shooting for no less than the grand prize of $1,500.

At certain intervals during the webinar, the organizers gave out a number from a six-digit combination. Towards the end, attendees keyed in the combination in the exact order given to qualify for the draw.

Now, for the big part… When the first few draws came, I prayed that I would win (and who wouldn’t?). In my prayer, I uttered these exact words, “Universe, I deserve to win, too.” Voila! A few seconds later, I heard my name.

Cool. It was for a copywriting course worth $999.95. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t the $1,500 cash that I was eyeing but who cares? I won!

Coincidence? Perhaps.

Since an attendee only had one chance of winning, I didn’t mind the other draws but later told myself, “Wait, wait… I’ll test my luck.”

Again, I did the same thing. No expectations. Just the motions. Guess what? Seconds later, I heard “Maria…”

That was lightning fast. Unbelievable!

Looking back at that experience, I think I’ve stumbled upon a goldmine to manifesting one’s desires. Perhaps, I may have kissed the portal to the unknown.

Weird but true.

I have had a similar “weird but true” experience from using my non-dominant left hand. This time, it was to reach a world where “Inka,” my inner child, roams free and creates her own stories.

One of Inka’s stories is “Oolie The Owl,” which is one of my two published children’s stories at Amazon. Inka wrote it automatically in practically a few minutes and I didn’t do much editing, save for adding the story’s big lesson. It is a novelty but, honestly, I have second thoughts that I’ll tell you at another time.

How about you? What’s your story?

Visit my website for more about me. Nothing perfect but it’s a good start.


17 thoughts on “Weird But True

  1. All I can say is WOW. I have prayed to God and had many answered prayers. I’m preyty lucky in contests too. I try not to enter too many because I don’t have the time to do the winnings justice.

    I will get around to your book. I’m reading everyone’s who is on our group. I’m trying to read the first members,


    1. I had almost stopped wishing I’d win in draws because I almost never did, except in two instances and the other one didn’t deliver. The mind, I guess, has so much to do with it. But again, I believe so many things are yet to be uncovered/discovered.

      The owl book is pretty scary, I should say, so please take extra caution… Cheers!


    1. I agree. There’s something off but good in here though. For a long time, I’ve tried this positive law of attraction thing but nothing of this sort happened. I’ll explore this some more… Thanks!


    1. This indeed blew my mind, Alethea! I never had this kind of experience. I always thought I was unlucky with draws because I seldom won and was resigned to that. Now, I just had a paradigm shift and can’t wait to have this charm for good.


  2. Great story. One Christmas both my daughter and I won fully decorated trees from the Humane Society raffle…we had the darndest time getting them both home. I like the artwork for your owl, he looks cute. I will have to check that book out.


  3. Hi Maria,

    Wow! I was just listening to Wayne Dyer, and here you are, a perfect example of the power of manifesting! Coincidence? Maybe not.

    I was conditioned to believe that if you are lucky in love, you are unlucky in draws/raffles. I am lucky in love 🙂 Subconsciously perhaps I was afraid I’ll reverse the scale if I get lucky in draws. So every time I would attend events with raffles, I would just tell myself “I never did win anything. I will not win anything today for sure.” And sure enough, I’ve never won anything in my life out of sheer chance! I even attended this event wherein nobody would go home empty handed. It’s just a question of how big your prize is going to be. Would you believe, for some strange reason, my name just wasn’t called and I was the only one! Talk about manifesting!

    I think it’s about time I change my line. Next time I attend an event with a raffle, I’ll say “Universe, I deserve to win, too.”



    1. That’s how I felt as well before. I often say, consciously or subconsciously, that others deserve more but I think it’s not who deserves to enjoy life’s blessings the most. Each one of us deserve what we want and need. We just have to assert ourselves by first believing that we deserve no less and letting the Universe clearly know what we want.

      Try it and please report back. You just may be astounded by the results. I am.


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