The Same Old Routine

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

Routine is a big part of my life, and I am guessing many other writers and people who work from home. After taking the kids to school, I walk the dog-which is a very important step if I don’t want the dog to turn into demon hound and terrorize me for the rest of the day.

When I return home from the walk I send the dog off with her after walk treat and I settle down to start my day “officially”. This means I read the paper-okay, maybe I read the funnies and scan the rest of the news, drink my two caffeinated Diet Pepsi (the only caffeine I have all day) and do all the puzzles.

Finally, I turn on my computer and do my work, whatever it might be for the day.

If I don’t do these things or have to skip a part of it, I feel off kilter. What can I say I am a creature of habit? This goes a long way to explain, why I am typing this from my now “old” laptop when I got a new laptop for Christmas.

MSI laptop computer
MSI laptop computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new laptop was very thoughtful gift from my husband who was worried that the kids, who are now using the computer a lot more would wreck the old laptop (our only computer) leaving me without a way to do my work (and of course, check Facebook).

So, he surprised me with a new laptop. I love it. It’s new and sleek. So, why is it slumbering in the drawer right now?

Well, mainly because it is new. The keyboard feels different. I see all you writers nodding your heads; you know exactly what I mean. The new laptop is just ever so slightly different from the old one. Not to mention all my stuff is on the old computer and I haven’t had the time to transfer everything over.

Plus, the new computer runs Windows 8. Now, I won’t turn this into a Windows 8 review, except to say…yes, it would run much better on a touch screen alas, I have it on a non-touch screen laptop. It’s not bad; it’s just different which of course throws off my routine.

I guess I need to set some time to get my new computer all tricked out to my specifications so it can become part of my new routine.

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8 thoughts on “The Same Old Routine

  1. Interesting post Jennifer. I’m definitely a creature of habit. My only worry is that some of those habits take away from my writing time so every now and again I try to change them up. I like to get up early, have some coffee and do my Facebook and marketing. Then it’s out of the way and I can go on to what I really want to do – write. Some days aren’t as obliging as others, though. Because I do that, if there is anything else going on during the day it definitely eliminates my scheduled writing time. So I adjust. But alas! I’m definitely not a morning writer – I’ve tried it and it’s disastrous! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I don’t have a routine. Probably be better off if I did. At one time I’d play a game of free cell before I did anything. That was my prep to get my mindset. Now, I have ago much writing to do and so little time I just jump right in. Congratulations on your new computer. I have 3 sizes + my Kindle and Droid. I use the phone the most and then the 10″ laptop. The medium has most of my files and a CD player, but I think it had a virus and I have too much stuff on it to wipe it clean. Cher’ley


  3. Congratulations on your new lap top! And, yes, routines are important, except that after a while I find I get bored with the routines and do something out of the ordinary – like – get lazy. I guess that’s the rebel in me. LOL No kidding, routine is important for me to get things done; otherwise, I’m left to sitting and thinking about what I should be doing. Thanks for the post.


  4. Good post Jennifer. I’m still a troglodyte wanting to use ancient versions of Windows. And, I guess I’m still at the ‘kick the routine out the door’ phase since it’s only 15 months since I stopped teaching altogether. I like the spur of the moment idea though I do sort-of-try to get into a pattern of working. Sadly, Facebook, and the like, are such a distraction! Cherley- I forgot about Freecell! When I used to come home from a day’s teaching the very first thing I’d do would be play Freecell, or Solitaire. I’ve got to off right now and play a game of them… or Mahjong. 🙂


  5. My husband also bought me a “new” (but not BRAND NEW) laptop, a refurbished one that still has Windows 7. It’s lighter-weight and smaller, and I am getting used to it. I have routine to parts of my life, but I’m a “wing-it” kinda gal, too — probably from my days as a weekly newspaper editor with only 1 employee: had to do LOTS’O’THINGS so flexibility had to be built into the schedule! LOL


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