Bright Birds, Bright Ideas, and Brilliant Memories

This post by Cher’ley Grogg

My Mom loved birds, she loved everything about them, she loved the vivid or subtle colors, she loved their sounds, she loved their nests, and the little eggs that hatched into little birds. I’m not someone who can tell one bird from another, but I know a few of them when I see them. I want to know more. 

I fed my back yard birds this week, and ended up with a few that I had never seen before. These little creatures bought me great pleasure. Several times over the last couple of days I watched them peck away at the food. One day there was 5 brilliant red cardinals and one brown female with the orange bill and orange tuft on top of her head. I had blue jays, blue birds, wrens, a chick-a-dee and a red-headed wood pecker, among many others. I got some photos.

Whippoorwill Bird

Birds make me think of my Mom. When I was little, we’d sit on the front porch and she’d say, “Listen, they’re calling your name-Cher-ley` (accent on ley-kind of high shrilled).” I would listen and I could hear them calling to me. Dad always told me if I put salt on a birds tail I could catch it. My grandma said if children weren’t tucked into bed by dark the Whippoorwill bird would get them.  She had a willow tree and when that bird would scream, “Whip you I will”, we’d all (my brothers, cousins, and I) would practically run over each other to get into bed.

From birds I draw inspiration.

                                              In Stamp Out Murder and in my next book that will be coming out later this year Cancel Out Murder, every chapter starts with a description of a stamp, (maybe new, or maybe canceled) that’s worth a lot of money. Many stamps have birds on them. Can you think of a year where a bird was featured on a Stamp? Here’s a link to an Ebay page featuring bird stamps. And these stamps are now worth Eleven Dollars. Not a lot in the Stamp Collecting World, but a $9.00 dollar profit for the collector.

Birds calm my soul, God’s little gifts of joy to me. Is there an animal that has been a part of your growing up years? I lived in the country, so there are more animal tales I can tell about.

Stamp Out Murder”.

The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk” This is an especially good book for your Tween Children and Grandchildren.

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18 thoughts on “Bright Birds, Bright Ideas, and Brilliant Memories

  1. Brilliant post! I love the mental images and the real pictures you shared. I love birds too and as a child we had red-winged blackbirds in our area. I moved away and it wasn’t until I moved to our little summer place on the lake in Wisconsin that I reconnected. They abound in that area and every day I take time to watch them and remember my childhood. I love their brilliant flash of color – to me they are beautiful!


  2. Linda, they are beautiful. I’ve seen some too, they aren’t around this area. I was surprised to see a little chick-a-dee, I’ve never seen them in this area either. Did you ever talk with your parents or siblings about birds? Cher’ley


    1. Actually, my sisters and I belonged to a 4-H birdwatching club one summer. We were so engrossed in finding each species that the book showed. My mom got really involved and it was fun for all of us. Dad used to tease us that he had seen “the special one” while he was at work (he worked on the State Highway Road Crew and was outside all day). He’d really get us going until he started laughing. Good memories!


  3. D; they do eat a lot of food, but they are worth it. Wonder who thought about “eating like a bird”, they’ve never owned birds. LOL Cher’ley


  4. While I enjoy watching the birds, cats are my true love. The two don’t always get along, but to watch the interaction through windows provides endless fun. Beautiful post.


    1. I like cats too, there are a lot of feral cats around here and our neighbors have cats, but they don’t seem to bother the birds. My daughter used to have a cat that bought her a bird or something everyday. Cher’ley


    1. Erin, it makes it nice when someone has a certain collectible–you always know what to get them. I have some bird magnets that belonged to my Mom and I love them. I didn’t get any of her bird collectibles, but I think my daughter got some. Cardinals are so beautiful in a snow covered pine tree. Cher’ley


  5. My family and I have fed birds since I was a child on a small acreage in Iowa. Living in Wyoming now, I notice the difference in species, and I’m always amazed as to what animials live in which habitats. I still feed birds and have the feeders outside my home office window. I enjoy watching them while I’m writing — and my cat LOVES to watch, and “chatter” at them, too! Fun times, special memories…! Thanks for the post, Cherley!


    1. It is fun to watch them. It’s amazing how they know where to find those little seeds. I know, when in AZ, it always amazes me of birds like the Road Runner, which are not around our area. Glad you enjoy birds and glad it bought up some fun memories. `Cher’ley


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