Help I Need Someone-#3 of the Blog Writing Series-Content by Cher’ley

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The Beatles made a big Splash in the early sixties. One of my favorite songs that they sang was HELP. Help is what blogs are all about. Our blogs should give something to the reader, why else would they want to read it? It’s all about CONTENT—fun, fascinating, informing, sharing, or any number of other descriptive words. I remember one of Frank Lanerd’s blogs–it was scary, and compelling at the same time.

The Beatles made a statement that affected most of America’s teenagers. So how can we construct our blogs to be of some HELP so that they will effect someone? Help I Need Someone to write great content.


Research on Writing content led me to this page by Lorelle VanFossen and I don’t think I could say this better.

She grouped the different resources for finding content for your blog into the following categories:

Price Of Stamps To Be Increased By Royal Mail

I like to blog about things that are relevant in my life, but only if I believe they are of interest to other people. This blog is also about sharing our creative ventures, so we post things that are also of relevance to our CHARACTERS.

I have a novel about stamps, so I may post about stamps or antiques. Another novel is about combined families, taking in an aging grandparent—so I may post something pertaining to that. Also there are sports, and, mysteries, and secrets, and the list is unlimited in what my characters find interesting.


Many of the bloggers from this site blog about writing, sharing with readers their 'Serious Novels' photo (c) 2009, Playing Futures:  Applied Nomadology - license: and accomplishments. Telling of easier or better ways of doing things. I am so thankful for the information that is shared; among which are new ideas, tricks, and technology.

 ***How do you find content for your blog?***

***                                                       *****                                   ***

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26 thoughts on “Help I Need Someone-#3 of the Blog Writing Series-Content by Cher’ley

  1. Great post Cherley. I’ve used most of the things listed as ideas for blogs but when I first started blogging I thought everything had to be about writing. Once I realized that it did not I relaxed and found it easier. For instance, I love Jennifer Flaten’s stories of home and life with kids, and the awesome history lessons from Doris McCraw. Each blogger brings a fresh look at writing what we know or have researched. We are a lucky group!


    1. Linda, my main reason for blogging is to promote my books, so I try to blog about things that have to do with my books, but that can be anything from rearing kids to cooking, running a business or a zillion other things, so I never run out of things to blog about. I think we’re lucky too with so many different types of blogs in our group. Cher’ley


  2. Great post Cherley. I’ve used most of the things listed as ideas for blogs but when I first started blogging I thought everything had to be about writing. Once I realized that it did not I relaxed and found it easier. For instance, I love Jennifer Flaten’s stories of home and life with kids, and the awesome history lessons from Doris McCraw.


  3. I’ve been struggling with this with my own blog, have been struggling to find my own blogging voice. Like Linda, I felt like I was supposed to blog about writing or the writing process, and now I’m feeling freer, just allowing myself to be me and write about what matters to me. I love the variety on this blog too.


  4. Oddly,I rarely blog about writing but plan to do so on Sunday, though that could change. I’ve read in several places that if you want to be read by writers, blog about writing, if you want to sell your books to readers, write interesting pieces about yourself or research, background, etc. from your books. Very consistent with what you’ve said. Great post.


    1. Erin, I mix mine up. I know a lot of writer’s read our post, but we do have a lot of readers too, so I try to address both in each blog. Glad this agreed with the consensus. Cher’ley


  5. Cher’ley,

    As usual you hit the nail on the head beautifully. As you know, research is my passion and I love to share the bits and pieces I find. Hopefully they are helpful when writers are looking for something new or unusual. If not, at the least I am teaching some lost information.

    This is a great resource for those who just can’t seem to find anything to say (not that I have ever had the problem is speaking or writing *grin*) Doris


  6. Thank you for the link to my very old articles of references for finding things to blog about, and sorry that you linked to the various sections by linking to the article and not the sections. And I also apologize for the links not being updated.

    I decided a long time ago to leave that article up even with all the dead links as they stand as concepts and ideas, the words someone might use to search for new and fresh content on the topics. I’m glad that it is still useful to help people.

    Good luck with your blogging and writing. It’s a beautiful thing.


  7. Thanks for the great ideas on what to blog about. I admire those who can blog every day, not only that they make the time but have the subjects to blog about. Since I’m a people person, I have enjoyed every blog no matter the subject as it gives me insight into other people’s thoughts and lives. Having a variety of interests, I hope my blogs which vary widely in regards to subject matter, resonate with at least one reader. I will keep the references you have given. Thanks for the help!


  8. Neva, I’m with you. I love the variety and to learn about the other WW&W. I love reading the comments too, because I learn a lot about ya’ll through them. Love that there is something here that can help you. Cher’ley


  9. If there were more than 24 hours in a day, I’d love to blog more, both on my own site and at others. Alas, one does have to sleep sometime, and with all the activities and jobs I’m doing lately, it seems there’s almost no time for that either! Thanks, Cher’ley, for an informative and inspiring post, and for keeping us all under your wing at the Wrangler site. Continued best wishes and blessings!


  10. Thanks for another informative post, complete with links. I wish I could say my blog has a theme, or that I have a plan for it, but I really write about whatever comes to mind. That’s both lazy and self-indulgent, but I decided a long time ago to just describe the blog as “eclectic.”


    1. Kathy, these blogs are writing tips, but your blogs have a theme, you pull them all together with common things. After I finish this series, it will be different themes each week for me. Cher’ley


  11. My blog has been neglected lately and the traffic has dropped dramatically. i notice when I only post about my won writing that there are fewer visits. It’s when I post about some othere topic or less personal aspect of my researches that draws more traffic.


  12. That’s true on all of us. That’s why on here we connect our writing (books) at the end and not too much, so the reader doesn’t feel that it’s just another ad. But your blogs never feel that way. You do a great job. Thanks Cher’ley


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