Get the champagne out!

12Feb2014This post is by Nancy Jardine.

The busy month of March 2014 surpassed itself, so my post today is going to be about life EVENTS, how they can affect author production, and whether they need to be celebrated to the same degree.

Since my last post, which was my birthday (the ides/15th of March) there have been loads of events –mostly family and and one writerly. My first grandson, Riley, made his appearance into the world relatively easily on the 19th March- a bouncing bonny bairn!  Visits from family and friends made my house a very bustling one since Riley’s mum, dad, and my granddaughter are currently living with us till their own house is ready to move into. Did I say it was busy?

Other events followed, namely the launch of Book 3 of my Celtic Fervour Series of Historical romantic Adventures- After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks –on the 25th March. It’s just as well that I was well planned in advance for all of the blog posts for my launch tour, and had an idea of what I might do at the Facebook launch party, because Riley and his mum were only home from hospital on the 23rd. Yes-it was busy fitting in ‘new baby cooing’ and having a Facebook launch.


I’m not done yet, though because the 29th March was my Ruby Wedding Anniversary and the 30th was Mothering Sunday in Scotland (UK). Much as we’d like to have celebrated all of those events with a huge bang, it just wasn’t possible since we’d still be drunk on champagne two weeks later! We had one fabulous dinner on the 29th, made by my younger daughter and husband, for all of the family who had managed to assemble together and that was perfect. I don’t eat venison carpaccio, or elegantly cooked salmon every day, so it was quite spectacularand so beautifully presented- daughter 2 and hubby are very good cooks! The deeply rich chocolate cake was sublime and totally decadent, the raspberry filling and drizzling of ‘jus’ a gesture to the ‘ruby-ness’ of our anniversary.

Our flowers matched the theme, but since there were vases of ‘new baby welcoming’ flowers in every room the one ruby bouquet was just beautiful. 40 years?

I’d rather not think about that bit of the event! Was it a busy household? You bet! A trip to London for my husband and me is in the offing at the end of May, followed by a holiday vacation to the island of Madeira, contributed to by my relatives and a deferred part of our big celebration. I’ll have to brush up on my Portuguese. No…I have to be honest. Scratch that, I can’t speak ANY Portuguese and will have to learn a few phrases before the visit.

Wikimedia commons. Madeira circled in Atlantic Ocean

From the 31st March, there have also been 3 birthday celebrations for 3 of my great-nieces- but I was lucky this year. My sister came for a few days to pay Riley a visit (the rest of us too, in between monopolising the baby) and was able to cart my gifts back down the 150 miles to the little girls in question, who are all her granddaughters. For some reason, I wasn’t able to make the time to pop down to deliver myself this year. I wonder why? My husband’s birthday is looming now on the 20th April, but I think another low key event will be on the cards.

Of all the above mentioned events, the only one which could be totally planned was my book launch. That date was predictable. The author in me was very glad of that because I couldn’t have contemplated a book launch that wasn’t on a fixed date. When my publisher set the date back in January, she asked if the 25th March was suitable given my family situation. I readily said it was as good as any other since we all know that babies come very much in their own time– except if by a planned caesarean.

In many ways, a book launch is a bit like having a new baby born. It takes time, effort and nurturing to ‘birth’ that novel. The nascent aspects of it are with the author for quite some time till he/she decides it has been sufficiently redrafted, and is ready for the next level, that of submission to a publisher (or if self-pubbed similar decisions made). I’m guessing with some novels this would be around the three or four month baby gestation stage- though the writing may have taken the author years to get that phase! The end date for the ‘birth/launch’ might be planned around then; the countdown done. Once the editing is completed the birth is closer but not there yet. The book still has to have final formatting, a cover design and the last publishing aspects organised. Bingo! Launch day comes and the baby bursts out into the world.

However, we all know that like a baby the new book is a fragile fledgling for quite a while unless it has such a successful launch that it flies off into flourishing cyberspace. Some new ‘babies’ might just manage that if their siblings have become very well known household names! I think, like me, most of us have babies who take quite a lot of nurturing till they’re up and properly running.

Since the beginning of April, I’ve been sporadically trying to market my new ‘baby’ but the needs of my real one take precedence. I haven’t been able to spend any time on my new conceptions since I’m still a bit busy, however, next week I expect to manage some embryonic growth to Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series.

tulips resizedI’m altogether a happy lady with my gorgeous blooming family and with my writing…and since the sun is shining here in Scotland, I’m also squeezing in time this afternoon in my unruly and neglected garden. Priorities!

I wish you the best of weekends!

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21 thoughts on “Get the champagne out!

  1. You have certainly been a busy lady, Nancy! Congratulations–on both “babies” and the anniversary! Sounds you celebrated well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these important milestones with us.


  2. You know what … your post reminds me of an old-fashioned letter or perhaps even a diary entry. As a person fascinated by history, I’ve spent my share of time tucked away in a library reading a published novel or even a biography chocked full of letters.


  3. You know Nancy, I just loved this post and the memories making events that have been a part of your life. Congratulations on all the above. The next ‘child’ in your series will be just a good or better than the first three, it just may take a bit longer, (but oh the reason for the delay…) Here is to a continued celebration of life and books. Doris


  4. Nancy, such fun times for you. It seems like they were all a good-scratch that-great events. So happy for you and love the way you combine life and writing. Happy future vacation and happy past events to you. I have a new baby in my life and I’m working on a new literary baby. Cher’ley


    1. Oh, that’s great about the next book, Cherley. I’ve seen your grandbabe and he’s spectacular. (My D doesn’t like photos on FB so I respect her wishes.)


  5. Such a sweet post Nancy. I agree with Mike that it reads like a letter to loved ones to catch them up on what you’ve been up to. So nicely written. Even though you are a best-selling author, family comes first and that comes through loud and true. You have such blessings in your life. Enjoy them and good luck with everything coming up!


    1. Thank you, Linda. I just wish I was that ‘bestselling’ author you mention. (You’re well aware that getting into charts doesn’t actually equate with a barrage of sales.) But you’re totally dead on that my family come first.


  6. Congratulations on your anniversary, your book, and your new grandbaby. I have no children, but I’ve said that if I ever publish a book, I’m going to put it into a stroller and push it all over town.


  7. Nancy, ditto on the congratulations on all the blessings in your life. The last month has been a busy and rewarding time in your life. Envy your trip to Madeira! Life is certainly moving along grandly for you! Good luck on your book launch. We are all rooting for you here at WW&W.


  8. Wow, I had to take a breath after reading you post! I love Kathy’s idea to push that book around in a stroller. Great marketing idea! You are a busy, talented, obviously prolific author and lady. Congratulations on all the good stuff happening in your life. Will we get a glimpse of your trip later? Hope so, you can make things come to life with your writing. Enjoyed your post.


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