Best Day Ever

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that last Friday my son had “The Best Day Ever!” at school. He’s in fifth grade, so his best day included two extra recesses and a frozen yogurt party. file0001694764223

I have to admit that does sound like a pretty darn good day.

Today, the girls were super excited to go to school because choir is taking a “tour” of all the elementary schools. The choir is visiting each school and performing two songs.

Cool in itself, but the thing they were most excited about is they get to stop at the mall and eat lunch. Pretty sure, that it will earn a “Best Day Ever” from the girls.

On Sunday, we went to Toys R Us, which is about 30 miles away. We went because I needed ideas for Easter gifts, and everyone including my husband loves the toy store. It was also an excuse to take a drive in our new-to-us car. The kids spent the entire ride ooohing and aahing about the backseat (size, amount of pockets, etc.) and admiring the sunroof.

We even went out to lunch. On the drive home, the kids all declared it the “Best Day Ever” and we didn’t even buy them any toys.

In general, my kids use “Best Day Ever” a lot, which makes my heart happy. Most of the things are simple things too, not a trip to Disneyland, but a trip to the toy store.

As adults, we don’t think in terms of “Best Day Ever” but maybe we should. And, it shouldn’t take winning the lottery to make it our best day.

So, today is my “best day ever” because the kids were all happy this morning, no fighting etc. and when I stopped at the gas station for my daily newspaper they had my favorite breakfast bar in stock. Also, my favorite bead website has a fun Easter egg hunt going on the website (you find the hidden eggs and win prizes) so far I found enough eggs to win a coupon and a free strand of beads.

Is there something that makes this the “Best Day Ever” for you?

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15 thoughts on “Best Day Ever

  1. What an inspiring post Jennifer. It’s so wonderful that your family has “lots” of best days. Keeping an upbeat attitude is important and negative thinking gets us nowhere. Your kids sound like they’re winners! I have a best day every day. I say Thank You before I even get out of bed. That starts my day off right and keeps me motivated and happy. Thanks for reminding us that Best Days are all in our perceptions and we choose which way to think.


  2. I’ve had a few best days ever. They really are special and as you get ready you realize that those best days ever are actually the best days ever of the people you love, and you just enjoy being able to share those days with them.


  3. My granddaughter sang a song for her mom a few years ago, “Best Day Ever”, beautiful song. I love this, you know I admire the way you write about your kids. So funny. Cher’ley


  4. Yesterday We moved into a hotel room for the next 4 or more days while they finish the floors. Willow had packed up the night before and I grabbed a few of her things that she hadn’t packed because I thought she might want them. When Mike brought her home from school last night the first thing she said was “I forgot …” When I showed her I had backed them, she hugged me and said I was the best mom ever. Whenever I hear that, I’m having the best day ever.


  5. What a great way to live each day. This was such an inspiring and enjoyable post. Never had children, too busy raising other peoples, but what a gift. Thank you so much for sharing. Doris


  6. Jennifer, I think I’m goling for those ‘best day evers’ on a regular basis. Maybe not much writerly things will be done but lots of fsimple amily smiles and laughs will more than compensate.


  7. What a great post! It’s so easy to get caught in the frustrating stuff instead of looking at the simple greats of any given day. Many years ago the daughter of a friend said she’d had a good day at school (kindergarten or first grade) and he asked what made it good. Her criteria: “I didn’t cry and I didn’t bleed.” Everything else is bonus, right? I’m going to start practicing “best day ever.”


  8. Great post. Your kids sound delightful.

    I had a best day recently when my DH came home from the hospital and was almost back to normal. I try to list things I’m grateful for each morning. Does help give a brighter aspect to the day.


  9. This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read. I suppose that makes this one of my Best Days Ever. I’m going to look for more of them. Thank you.


  10. Great post! I try to say thank you to God for many things all day, and live in the moment, although not very good at the last part! But when I do remember to take in the moment, especially if its calm right then, just take a deep breath and enjoy! Your post is inspiring! And if I can call it a best day, wow! I think I’ll simplify it to “I didn’t cry and I didn’t bleed!”


  11. Jennifer, how wonderful to teach your children to take joy in the little things in life. Kids need to know that happiness isn’t necessarily getting a thing that will only temporarily bring them so-called happiness. What a joy it was to read this blog, Jennifer.


  12. Very inspiring post, Jennifer — so glad you and your family had a “best day ever” together! Not too many of them happening at our house lately because of my father-in-law’s hospitalization, but we continue taking it a day at a time because that’s all one can do. Maybe through continued prayer we’ll have a break-through and “best day ever!”


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