Git ‘er Done-Final in Series-How to Write a Blog by Cher’ley


 This blog by Cher’ley  Grogg


Comedians have a way of bringing it all together to entice their audiences.

  Bring your reader in. Get them involved. Their minds are working as soon as they start reading, so give them an opportunity to respond. This is where the comments come in. It’s very important to respond to the comments. (They are future followers, readers, clients, purchasers). You want to be as interactive with them as possible. The blog is not just for you to get your thoughts out into cyber-space, but for you to get feedback from your target audience.

We have discussed different parts of the blog and now it’s time to bring it all together-Git ‘er done. We’ve discussed:

  1. The Title
  2. The Introduction
  3. The Photographs
  4. The Links
  5. The Content

In Six ways to get more comments , the author suggests ask a question at the end, which I always do, and it often helps to break the ice. Sometimes people add thoughts they have on the entire subject. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting comments.

Respond to comments –My research said: Seriously, if you’re deciding between leaving commentson another blog and responding to comments on your own blog, choose your blog. Responding to remarks on your own blog lets readers know that you are truly listening and care about what they have to say. Obviously, that will often lead to more comments and repeat visits. Remember to go back and check for comments on the comments.  

You’re building a relationship here. It takes more than one comment for that to happen. I think of it as a conversation between friends. 

The main reason we have this blog is to share our product, or information on our product, or information related to our product.  For example: James my hero collects stamps, so I allude to stamp collecting. I have an interest in stamp collecting, therefore–Stamp Out Murder.  

Another reason we have this blog is for branding. We want people to get to know us. Who are we, why do we write, what do we write, where can they get our books, who would enjoy our books? For example: I may blog about my grandchildren to let people know I have an interest in kids, therefore–The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk came about.

***What do you think about comments? Do you think of it as a conversation between friends?*** 

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Stamp Out Murder”.

The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk” This is an especially good book for your Tween Children and Grandchildren.

The Journey Back-One Joy at a Time   and the B&W Edition of The Journey BackThe JourneyBack 3

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16 thoughts on “Git ‘er Done-Final in Series-How to Write a Blog by Cher’ley

  1. Cher’ley, Yes, many times I need to be reminded of the purpose of a blog. With life’s interruptions, it’s frustrating to jumble up writing and living, but, of course, writers need the living part in order to do the writing part. I love blogging because it reflects bits and pieces of who I am and yet it adds depth to the writing part of my life. In other words, it keeps me grounded so I don’t feel as if my feet are on two separate ice flows going in two different directions. Thanks for the post, Cher’ley.


    1. Sherry, you said your comments in such a lovely way. I love reading them. We do need to stay grounded, with so many distractions it’s easy to lose tract of what we want to accomplish. Cher’ley


  2. Thanks, Cher’ley! Yes, I like the conversations that happen in comments. We learn about each other and more about our subjects through them. It’s important to respond to comments so we show that we are engaged and care about our readers. Stephanie


  3. The video reminds me of a radio ad I kept hearing years ago. A local implement store was advertising a tractor called a gator. the guy always said, “Go for the gator. Gator done.” Even though I don’t do it with a tractor, that has always been my slogan ever since.


  4. I have really enjoyed your posts on blogs. As you know, history and especially women doctors in the early days is important. The comments I receive on the various posts really helps me to tailor what people are interested in.

    I also appreciate reading what is happening with others for it gives me the information I can use to feel connected with what they are doing. I love helping others to achieve their dreams. Best to everyone. Doris


  5. I do try to leave comments on blogs when I read a new post but it’s not always a common practice. Like Sherry above and the others the comments do tell us what’s been appreciated and can be very constructive. I love the Git’er done phrase, Cher’ley. It’s now on a ‘post it sticky note’ on my monitor!


  6. On my last post dealing with abuse, I saw that the first comment was from someone who wasn’t a fellow Writing Wrangler author. That was nice to see. When we get more and more comments from these kind of folks, we’ll know we are getting a greater and greater reach out into internet land.


  7. I need the post “Git er done” on my computer! I love to write, especially on my stories, but since I am a “leave the best to last” sort of person, I do and then the last doesn’t get done.
    Thanks for all the tips on blogging, I often have people ask me what a blog is when I tell them I blog twice a month. Besides guiding us on writing blogs, it helps explain what they are and what they are for.


  8. Great insight as always, Cher’ley. It is wonderful to have people comment, and I know I am at times lax in that. Like Sherry said, life gets in the way sometimes, and sometimes it’s a big WHAMMY GETS IN THE WAY. I appreciate everyone’s understanding and the opportunity to read and comment on your posts.


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