Happy Mother’s Day! – Have a cupcake

CindyCarrollEToday we’re off to visit my mom for Mother’s Day. As of Friday neither her nor my sister had decided  what they wanted for dinner on their special day. But I can tell you what they’re getting for desert! We are a family that loves sweets. My mom is a baker. Some of my best memories are of my mom, me and my sister in the kitchen baking cakes, cookies, squares. And my mom always does everything from scratch. Until I was in my teens I didn’t even know you could get cake mixes in a box. Trying to figure out the perfect thing to get my mom is no easy task. So I’m lucky I like social media so much and spend so much time on Facebook.


cupcake in a teacupI know I’m lucky, not only to still have my mom around, but to also live close enough to her and my dad that I get to see them weekly. For special occasions more than weekly. This will be the first mother’s day for my mom without her mom. My grandmother died last October. It will be hard for my mom so we’re trying to make Mother’s Day as special as we can. With two daughters and a granddaughter I think we can pull it off. To that end, I was looking for something different to get for her this year to accompany the card. Luckily I was on Facebook yesterday. There’s a new cupcake place in town and I happen to like their page – Sweet Temptations Cupcakery. Intrigued by their new Madame cupcake I clicked over to their page and saw these little gems being offered for Mother’s Day! It’s the perfect gift for a mother who loves her tea and sweets. She gets to keep the cup and saucer and eat a delicious vanilla cupcake with champagne buttercream frosting.


A dozen cupcakes

Of course, before I could be happy about giving her such a desert I had to sample the cupcakes myself. I can’t give her cake without knowing what it tastes like. 🙂 So the fiancé and I picked up a dozen cupcakes for ourselves. I know, a dozen cupcakes for two people is crazy. But we rarely have sweets in the house and they aren’t the jumbo cupcakes you find at some places. They’re small but pack a lot of flavour. I love their variety. They all looked so delicious it was hard to pick just six. My fiancé also picked six. I have tried two so far. The pink lemonade (bottom right in the picture) was awesome. And the fresh strawberry (pink frosting top row) was very tasty. I can’t wait to try the rest of my picks but so far the pink lemonade is winning for taste for me.

What are you doing for your mother for Mother’s Day?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day! – Have a cupcake

  1. Cindy, you have a lucky Mamma. Sorry about your Grandma, I know that’s hard. I love cupcakes. I love sweets, and my Mom did too. Sounds like you and your love will be celebrating Mother’s Day all week, eating cupcakes. I’m spending Mother’s Day, sitting here in a TA truckstop restaurant, by myself, but having a great day. Here in Louisiana, they gave me a free meal, a rose, a strawberry dessert, and a coupon to use on my next purchase. Nice.Cher’ley


  2. Sweet column. :-). I know’ it’s a terrible pun, knowing that you mentioned the sweet shop. I’m glad you and your sisters went to such a great length to help make your mother’s Mother’s Day grand, and I’m sure it helped her as she thought about her mother. Mother’s Day can be a double-edged sword: We share our wonderful memories of our mothers (those of us who have mothers in Heaven like me and your mom) while shedding tears as we take flowers to their graves.


  3. What a delightful post Cindy. I love the novel idea you saw on Facebook and it looks like the perfect gift for your mom. Sadly I no longer have my mom to cherish on her special day but since she didn’t like sweets I’d have had to come up with “cheese in a cup.” That was her favorite food. Enjoy your precious time with your mother.


  4. Cindy,

    Your mother is one lucky lady. Those look yummmy and it sounds like they are also. What a great post and such memories in few words. Thanks!


  5. Cindy, what a great daughter you are, finding just that “special something” for your mother. I hope you all enjoyed a lovely day. My mother is having surgery this week so I sent dad some money to buy her a nice bouquet of flowers that she could enjoy at home and also at the hospital, and when I visit later this week to help care for them, I’m taking a book I believe she will enjoy while she recovers. I cherish my mother and am so thankful she is still with me, although she’s several hundred miles away. Blessings to you and your family!


  6. it’s great that your mum is so close, Cindy. Mine is gone now, but she was an exceptional baker and often provided the goodies for many of our neighbourhood gatherings when I was growing up. Enjoy those yummy looking cupcakes.


  7. That’s a lovely gift for your mom. I used to buy china teacups and saucers in antique and resale shops and give them to friends with bags of tea inside. The cupcake is a great idea. I’m sure your mom loved it.


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