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Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

We are having internet trouble. It started last week. One evening the internet just stopped working. It was right in the middle of kid TV time (they were watching Netflix) and I am positive you could hear the kid’s cries of dismay from a state away.

After verifying that it was a service provider problem and not a “dog knocked the cord out of the box” problem I reluctantly called our provider. I am sure I am not the only one who really, really-I mean really doesn’t like calling a company for technical service.

The irony in this situation is I have paperless billing so I really needed to go online to find the provider’s telephone number. Thank goodness for internet capable phones!

While the service was down we all experienced the “boy I’d like to *_____* insert internet based thing, only to remember Hey! We don’t have service.file3881264104997

I remember using dial up, back then you couldn’t talk on the phone and be surfing online at the same time. Now, I can’t believe how ubiquitous the internet is, I can watch TV, talk on the phone and surf the internet all at the same time (and sometimes from the same device).

I do all my writing research online. In fact, without internet I can’t do anything work-at least from home-related, as all my files are in the cloud, same with the kids. Their school requires them to use Google Drive for school-based projects.

After the obligatory stop in on-hold purgatory, I was transferred to technical services. To my surprise, it wasn’t a human being but an interactive computer program.

Yes, it was cool and yes, it meant I didn’t have to actually talk to anybody but it made me realize that this particular problem happens so much that they can automate the process to fix it. This is probably not a glowing endorsement for the internet provider. What was nice is the robot didn’t have tone-oh you know the tone all help desk representatives get-the one that says “are you sure it’s plugged in/turned on….really, really sure?

Naturally, the call only solved my problem temporarily. The connection remains spotty so I will have to call again. Meanwhile, my son put himself in charge of monitoring the modem. He shouts out “It’s ON” when the online light comes on and then everyone races to get their internet related work done.

I am avoiding calling the service provider, because now I know the robot won’t be able to help me this time. I just know the service reps first question will be “is the cord connected”.

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8 thoughts on “Make a Connection

  1. At least you can see that all the proper chords are connected. With a plethora of chords and my limited vision, I’m not sure which chord goes to what and whether it’s connected so call the IP already, and good luck.


  2. We have become so connected, yet I do a lot of my research at the library, but also use the internet. I can relate. Doris


  3. Love the post Jennifer. We have also had spotty internet at times and it’s a crazy thing watching for the little green light to come on so you can use the computer. Unfortunately, in this day and age my life seems to be on my computer and I am lost without it. Of curse, I can work offline while I write, but at some point I have to get online not only for researrch but to get my post online. I’ve learned to use everything online but like Doris, I still like the good old library for research too. I go online and look up books, order them and have them sent to my local library. I usuallly go home with ten or more books but I enjoy the feel and the smell of a book and actually think I get more research done that way. That being said, I have an i-Phone and if I can’t get on the internet I can always get on my phone You’re right, our world sure has changed!


  4. The internet has become like electricity almost, even though you know it’s off, you still turn the light switch on–at least I do. Yet, peace when the internet is off invades my being. there’s a certain feeling of vacation time when I can’t check my email. I can still work on my writing, or do other research. And maybe I have that feeling because I’m old enough to still view the internet as a miraculous thing. Good description of your time without, I could picture your family dealing with it. However, I am rarely without internet with our current provider. Pros and cons.


  5. Amazing how dependent on the internet we are now. My only issue lately has been that if I leave my laptop on for an extended period of time, just putting it in sleep mode instead of turning it off, the connection gets messed up, and I have to reboot my modem. It’s odd, but mostly it means I usually shut down.


  6. Ah, yes, Jennifer, I remember those dial up days. I also remember when the Internet first came into being and how miraculous it was to see something download, even if it took five minutes to get a complete download. Then, things got faster, and then we thought “WOW” this is great. And then…the Internet got even faster and faster and now if I have to wait for even a few seconds, I’m disgruntled. Grrr. Of course, when things stop working altogether, it’s as if a lifeline’s been cut, our technical umbilical cord so to speak, we get really agitated because now we have to call “the people” to get things fixed again. Frustrating. But of course things eventually get back to working order and life resumes.


  7. Jennifer, you are so funny. I absolutely hate calling anyone for help. It is such a horrible experience and I can’t stand the automated replies. Sorry about your internet and thanks for the chuckle. Cher’ley


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