Doing too much

CindyCarrollEHave you ever piled your plate so high with things you need to do that you forgot most of them? I haven’t gotten that bad, yet, but I can see it coming if I don’t start cutting back on tasks I need to do. My best friend said I should put all the writing stuff on hold until after my wedding. I’m getting married in August. Now, most stuff for that is already done. Deposits sent. We still have to give the caterer our final numbers. I have my wedding dress alterations this week. And another wedding task this week that we have to do or we can’t get married. Most other stuff is taken care of though. So I figured I could keep on working. After all, I couldn’t tell my day job I was taken time off until the wedding. They expect me to work still. Yes, writing isn’t the full time paying job yet but it is earning money.

I realized I needed to cut back on things I wanted to do yesterday when I totally missed a Facebook Party my pen name was supposed to participate in. Because not only did I forget, even though I put it in my calendar, but I had a nap at the time of the her appearance because I had a headache. I’d already run a few errands yesterday and wasn’t feeling great.

After I realized I’d forgotten about the appearance, I looked at my list of things to do and decided I need to cut back. Start saying no.

This blog is once a month for me so that’s not a problem. But other things need to wait until I get back from my honeymoon. I have edits on one book I need to work on. But other stuff can wait. I think. I’m not used to having a plate with only one thing on it. I pile stuff on until it’s falling off and then get a bigger plate. In my personal life, anyway. At the day job if I feel like I can’t finish something I ask for help. What a novel concept. Problem is, with the writing I can’t really ask someone else to do it for me. I need to write the rough drafts, key the edits, do the research. I know me though. I’ll end up working on something else besides keying the edits for my story. Luckily I shouldn’t have anymore appointments, wedding related or otherwise, in the next month and half after the ones this week.

Some problems I need to work on: Not being able to say no when people ask me for things. Signing up for blog hops when I don’t have time. Signing up for other social media events when I don’ t have time to participate.

New rules – don’t automatically say yes when people ask for something. Don’t sign up for blog hops and social media events until I have three or more books to actually promote. What’s the point in getting my name out there via blog hops and social media events when I have only the one story up. And my pen name only has two?

What about you? Are you cursed with saying yes to everything? Do you over book yourself?

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11 thoughts on “Doing too much

  1. A post I relate to way too much. Still, finding a way to stay on the radar of potential readers and co-workers does take a lot of time. Still working on that one.

    I do want to say congratulations on the wedding. What a great event. Doris


  2. I also can relate to this. Between my teenager, husband, house disasters, writing, teaching, etc. I can get really overwhelmed and I don’t “technically” have a full time job. Great post and don’t forget to have fun at your wedding. 🙂


  3. Yes, yes, yes, I’m buried in stuff I’ve said Yes to.

    Congratulations on your wedding. Now’s the time to say yes to yourself for yourself, rather than to the rest of the world. There will be another blog hop, and FB will be here when you get back from your honeymoon.


  4. I have been there and done that. When I got married in 2005, I had to put a lot of my projects on hold while making wedding preparations. Congratulations on the upcoming nuptuals and good luck.

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  5. Cindy, do take time for yourself and your husband. This is the most important year of your marriage, as everyone said–everything else can wait. Just keep finding ways the two of you can do special things together, every chance you get. I still, after 45 years of marriage, look back on that first year. Just take a sabbatical from everything that you possibly can, and included him in on the things you can’t take a break from. Congrats and I’m looking forward to wonderful photos and a fun blog (if you have time, after you return-no stress over it), about the wedding and honeymoon. You are so lucky on your wonderful plans. Don’t feel guilty about putting your personal life first–it’s important to your well being–forever. Love and hugs. Cher’ley


  6. I can get overwhelmed with too much stuff too, but I’ve been cutting back a lot in the last few months–maybe too much. I’m of an age where I’m learning that my day to day life IS my life, and not something I have to rush through so I can have a life. That being the case, I want to slow down a little and enjoy it. So, some things don’t get done, and I’m saying no to the things that my heart doesn’t say yes to.

    Many congratulations on the wedding!


  7. Congratulations and realize the things that you will most easily remember about your wedding are the things that didn’t go quite right! So try to imprint some really wonderful things too. And I liked the analogy of a plate too full with a schedule too full. I’m guilty on both counts and have been since childhood. Probably for a multitude of reasons. But yes, yeses have to be managed, or life becomes too “full”. Good blog.


  8. You have such an exciting time ahead of you in the coming weeks and it’s so easy to not have enough time for all that you think is important. What will wait will wait, but its a matter of making sure those priorities are taken care of and of having fun with your arrangements. Wishing you a lovely wedding, Cindy!


  9. Are you sure you’re not my twin? Cindy, I can so relate to your post. I’ve just gotten into a situation that has caused me a lot of stress and headaches only because I cannot say NO! So, now I must also decrease the size of my to-do pile. My problem, besides not saying no, is that when I get overwhelmed I procrastinate. The tasks seem so insurmountable that I hesitate to start even one. My family life has gone down the tubes, my exercise has suffered, and I haven’t even worked on the edits for my last book in three weeks! I need to set some priorities and this post came along at a very good time. Thank you!


  10. Like the other commenters, I, too, SO RELATE to your blog post, Cindy! Perhaps we creative people say “yes” to so much because we enjoy being busy. I have four articles due in the next 10 days and four new magazine articles due by the end of July, in addition to my “regular job” and “regular freelancing” — but I’m excited to have paid writing gigs! However, we can overfill our plates and lose the joy of life, which I have to monitor on myself. Best wishes as you anticipate your wedding day, and as you sojourn through life together as a married couple.


  11. What an exciting time, wedding plans, new life, new adventures. I so identify with too much on the plate. Summer and fall months keep me busy with the cabin rentals, and there are times when I fall into bed at night, every muscle in my body aching. I tend to forget things and then I’m irritated with myself, and then remind myself that I’m not 20, 30, or even 40 anymore, and need to forgive myself for not being absolutely on-spot with everything in my life. It’s allowable to say NO! Your health and well being are first and foremost! Be happy and congratulations on your up and coming wedding!


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