What is Love? by Abbie

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When my late husband Bill proposed to me, it was a complete shock. For two years after meeting through a magazine, we’d carried on a long distance relationship via e-mail and phone. He lived in Fowler, Colorado, 500 miles away from my hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming. I thought he just wanted to be friends so when I received that Braille letter in January of 2005, I didn’t know what to think.

Although I’d had friendly relationships with men over the years, none were romantic, and no man ever proposed marriage. When I read Bill’s words, “Dear Abbie, I’m writing to ask for your hand in marriage,’” I felt as if my world had been hit by a tsunami.

At first, I thought Bill wanted me to move to Fowler, Colorado. I wasn’t about to pull up roots and start over in a new town where I didn’t know anyone. I was relieved when Bill told me on the phone the day after I received his letter that he wanted to move here to Sheridan. However, I still didn’t know if I wanted to marry him.

I wrote a poem, asking what it’s like to be loved. I later learned the answer, and the following poem will appear in my chapbook, That’s Life: New and Selected Poems which will be published by Finishing Line Press in August.


 being warmed from within by another,

having someone with whom to share dreams,

a soothing voice that comforts you,

gentle hands that smooth life’s hardships,

strong arms that hold you close,

lips that bring you pleasure.

Love is a heart that’s yours forever.


Displaying abbie wedding.jpgBill and I were married on September 10th, 2005. Despite his two strokes and the fact that I cared for him at home during most of our married life, we had seven happy years together before he died on October 30th, 2012. How did you feel when your spouse proposed to you?

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10 thoughts on “What is Love? by Abbie

  1. What a beautiful story, Abbie. I never met Bill, but he must have been a fine man.

    My husband didn’t exactly propose. After 16 years of living together and less than two weeks before my surgery for thyroid cancer, he came home and announced that a marriage license was $25. All I thought was that if I held out for the one knee and diamond ring thing, it was never going to happen with this particular man. A romantic he is not.


  2. What a sweet and inspiring story. Even when the relationships are not long, it is the quantity of feeling that makes the time special. Thank you for sharing this special time. Doris


  3. Abbie, this was SO SPECIAL to read! Greg and I celebrate 14 years of marriage this fall. I wrote a poem for him that a friend set music to, and another friend sang it on our wedding day. I’m not a poet, but I must admit, it all came together wonderfully well! I remember Greg and I both had tears in our eyes, a moment I’ll never forget, and I’m forever grateful for the day when those words came to me. Thank you for sharing this special time in your life with the rest of us!


  4. Very lovely post, Abbie. My husband proposed to me at the Varsity Restaurant in Atlanta, It’s an iconic place but a bit of a greasy spoon. 🙂 Still, it was fun. Great post.


  5. I loved your poem, Abbie and it says all the best of love and loving. My husband proposed to me me a little over 40 years ago, in the pouring rain as we ran down past the bandstand on University Avenue, near Glasgow University. I’d only known him about 6 weeks but knew it was absolutely right to shout yes! – Even though he was the one under the umbrella since he’s a good 10 inches taller than me. 😉


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