End of School Memories

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

Tomorrow is the official last day of school for the kids. It will be a short day (3hrs). They go in to say good-bye to their teachers and pick up their yearbooks.

Yearbooks, formerly only for middle and high schoolers are now available for elementary school kids. My son didn’t get a yearbook last year, but this year he’s decided it is necessary.

Most likely because he is eager to collect everyone’s contact information so he can arrange to do cool guy stuff over the summer, he tried that last year, but didn’t have a yearbook and resorted to writing phone numbers on his hands…and little slips of paper that ended up in his pocket, then the wash.

I think it is a good idea to set aside a few hours for yearbook signing, I remember in high school everyone smuggling their yearbooks into class and surreptitiously passing them around. Oh, but if you were caught the teacher would take your yearbook away-sometimes until the end of the school year.

The girls are sharing a yearbook. Works out right now, but I am sure by next year it won’t be “cool” to share your yearbook with your twin sister.

Aside from the yearbooks, this last week of school has been marked by field trips, impromptu kickball games for math class and popsicles.file5211342703141

I remember getting popsicles, having water balloon fights and what seemed at the time like endless recess.

What are your favorite end of school memories?

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7 thoughts on “End of School Memories

  1. Enjoyed the post Jennifer, and it definitely brought back memories of summers past. I have so many great memories of the last day of school, looking forward to summer. My favorite summer was the one when I got my bicycle (at age 10). I’ve written about it in one of my posts. But most of my greatest memories are swimming every day. Can’t beat that!


  2. Jennifer, how fun! We didn’t have year books until high school but the big thing was the senior class photo, where we all got together in one big shot. Loved doing that. My daughter is in 6th grade and still pulls out each yearbook from k – 5 on a regular basis. Great post.


  3. We didn’t have yearbooks until high school either. The end of the year was always fun though–as work trailed off into the anticipation of summer vacation. Sometimes we had extra recess time and the bus drivers gave us candy on the last day.


  4. I had yearbooks, but we didn’t get one every year, Mom figured every other year was enough to be able to keep up. She had 5 kids in school. My kids shared a yearbook one year, but after that they wanted their own. I remember the last day of school parties and the end of year field trips. Fun times. Happy Summer to you and the kiddos. Cher’ley


  5. I, personally, didn’t have yearbooks in primary but did have something similar in secondary school. However, my end of school memories are of me as a teacher saying goodbye to my Leavers/ Graduating class of 12 year olds. On the last day of term, after lunch as it was a normal school day, my class were allowed to have a water ‘fight’ after a lot of negotiation with myself and the headteacher- a standing tradition. Supposedly the ‘referee’, although I was known to wear something with lots of pockets which hid lots of tiny water balloons or water guns, I generally ended up soaked but it was the best of fun!


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