Five Reasons to Attend a Writers’ Conference by Cher’ley

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Five Reasons to Attend a Writers’ Conference

  1. To Learn More About Your Craft
  2. To Meet Other Writers
  3. To Have Time with Agents and Editors
  4. To Meet Famous and Successful Authors
  5. To Be Inspired

Craft, it’s like money, we can never have enough. No matter what we think we know, someone knows more and they are willing to share what they know. That’s a great thing for you and me. Technology moves so quickly it’s hard to keep up, and there are always more efficient or interesting ways to tackle a project, and the presenters are very knowledgeable and entertaining.  

Other writers, not only have they been there, and done that; they’ve been there and done that barefooted, walking in the snow, uphill. It’s fun to share with other writers and the more conferences we attend the more people we get to know. I am so happy to see so many friendly faces. Another great experience is meeting some of the people we know from social media in real life. Instantly, you feel like old friends.

Agents and Editors are like the old war slogan, “Take no prisoners”. Many of them say they will not take on anyone else, but often, if they meet you at a conference they will take the time to read some of your material and perhaps you will land an agent or editor.

Famous Authors
are so down to earth, but until you meet them, you don’t know how kind they truly are. So far all the famous Authors I’ve met have been as interested in me as I have been in them. They want to know you, especially if you are one of their fans. Two that I loved meeting were Sue Grafton and Jeffrey Deavers. I have met many other famous authors, but those were the two that I read the most books from.Jeffrey Deaver ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards - Arrivals

Inspiration is like being hit in the face with a big wave of water. I’ve never skied, but it seems that you have to catch a wave when it is at its peak. So it is with inspiration, we get on fire at the conferences and that encourages us to get things written before the wave of inspiration and encouragement come crashing down.

Did I mention that Writers’ Conferences are fun? Local and state conferences are a lot cheaper, and if they are anything like West Virginia Writers’ Writer Conference, they are packed full of information and entertainment.

We can encourage other writers. You’d be surprised at how many people are nervous about being at a conference, or how many feel insecure about their writing.


I limited myself to five, but I’m sure you can add many more reasons to attend writers’ conferences. Would you share some other reasons why it’s a good idea to attend conferences when you can?


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24 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Attend a Writers’ Conference by Cher’ley

  1. I like small conferences. It’s too easy to get lost in the big ones. Right now I prefer reader focused cons. Still lots of craft and publishing info, agents and authors. I really want to connect with readers.


  2. Nearly every year for the past seven, since I became a book author, I’ve attended writer’s conferences; I ALWAYS glean good info and inspiration! Thanks for the great reminders as to “why” we should attend! Great blog post, Cher’ley!


  3. As President of Wyoming Writers Inc. last year, I was involved in planning our annual conference and will be again next year as part of the conference committee. Lots of work but fun to meet the well-known authors and poets we bring in. And, unfortunately, I didn’t have time to attend more than one workshop. But have gone to other conferences I didn’t work at and learned much. They are always inspirational and so fun to meet like minded people. We had quite a few new people attend this year, there felt intimidated until they got there. Then they said they were glad they came. Thanks for a good post of encouragement Cherley. Neva Bodin


  4. Cher’ley,

    I always enjoy writers conferences. I go whenever finances allow. Each and every one of the 5 resonated with me. Here is to many more for everyone. (Of course I also enjoy writers groups and have been in one or another for years. It has improved and challenged my creativity.) Doris


  5. You limit yourself to 5? Wow. Just kidding. I joined Henderson’s Writers Group earlier this year about the time they were about to put on the Las Vegas convention. Took a look at the price — more than $400 — and decided to wait a year, since I spent a great deal of money moving to Henderson. The HWG usually has about 35 members at their Monday meetings when about five writers read their chapters for about 10 minutes. Nonwriting wise, I do want to go to a renaissance fair, a Star Trek convention and a performance by the Vegas Elizabethan Players, all in September and October. It’s too hot to do anything now. It was 111 today.


    1. Mike, I am so excited for you. You will have a lot of opportunities. there. Sounds like a great writers group. Thanks for stopping by. I know there are a lot more reasons to attend a Writing Con. Cher’ley


  6. Very informative post Cherley. I still have never been to a Writer’s Convention but I’ll go as soon as possible. Living in Mexico it was a bit difficult but I know there is a good one here in Wisconsin. I know from attending a lot of bluegrass workshops and festivals that they give you new inspiration and excitement about your craft. Thank you for sharing your reasons to attend – they are all exciting!


  7. I think its fantastic that you’ve been able to attend both local and huge conferences. The experience you’ve had sounds so encouraging, Cherley.


  8. I’ve been to couple of local conferences, but I usually choose to go to retreats that concentrate on writing. I hope when I’m published to attend Malice Domestic, Killer Nashville, Bloody Scotland . . . The list just keeps getting longer.


  9. Cherley, great post. I totally agree. Writers’ conferences are always fun and helpful. I have yet another reason — Re-energizing. I always come back from them ready to tackle my writing with new energy. I also like smaller conferences. One of my favorites is Left Coast Crime, though I just got back from RomCon 2014, which was great.


    1. Thank you Rebecca Grace. I will try out Left Coast Crime. Glad you are able to go to so many conferences. I’d love for you to do a guest post and talk about some of the conferences. Cher’ley


  10. Great post! I agree with all 5 and have enjoyed this myself. I’ve decided, though, that I need to try some new conferences this year. We’ll see if I get the chance. 🙂


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