Life in all its colours gets in the way.

For CCThis post is by Nancy Jardine

Sometimes you just can’t write.

Usually, I make a great effort to ensure my posts for this blog are published live on time, but I send my apologies for the lateness of this one. Truth to tell, I haven’t been consulting my diary much lately and for long periods I’ve not even been near it, nor my laptop. I’m of the old school where I prefer to use one of the large ‘physical’ desk diaries which displays a week spread over two pages – I’ve just never quite got into the hang of using an electronic one on my laptop. 10870651_s

The days of the last few weeks have been one massive blur, and I’ve pretty well lost count. With no diary to hand, some days I’ve not had a clue of what I’ve had planned. You can imagine my horror when I saw today that I should have posted something yesterday! My Wrangler posts are usually roughly plotted out a few days ahead of schedule, but clearly not this time.

Is there anyone reading this post who also relies on a desk diary, like I do?

Recently, I’ve been away from home quite a lot. I’ve been to London and then to Madeira, both occasions of great happiness and enjoyment for me. However, in between times, I’ve also been visiting relatives who live a 300 mile round trip away. That has meant overnight stays. Overnight stays with no diary to hand and when writing has taken a back seat to pressing family matters.

I’m part of a close extended family and we tend to rally round when there is someone sick. Whether the person is at home, or in the hospital, there’s always some practical task which can be done to help around the household, as well as visiting the patient. My brother-in-law has been through the most awful chemo therapy and it has taken its toll; he’s currently in and out of hospital like a yo-yo. Cancer is no respecter of timing, as you’ll see in a moment.

We also tend to congregate when a new baby arrives on the scene. New life is so precious and is well cherished. It’s lovely for the new mum to show off her new baby and to receive good wishes and gifts. Seeing my great-nephew just hours after he was born, was a joy I’m glad I didn’t miss. He’s a little cutie.

When both of the above situations occur at the same time within the same branch of a family, it’s a situation I’d rather not wish on anyone. It was very poignant and heartbreaking to visit the sick patient immediately after seeing the baby. Especially so the next day when he was too ill to hold the baby for very long;  his first grandchild.

On another positive note, though, a family member who lives in California is visiting Scotland just now – so time has also been spent getting updates on my American relatives.

Life in all its colours. Some writers might manage to make some sort of story out of such a situation but at the moment I can’t get beyond the practicalities. My diary dates have not been as pressing as that family contact.

Can you see yourself using a similar plot situation in a novel? It’s too close to home for me but I have read stories that have had comparable themes.

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15 thoughts on “Life in all its colours gets in the way.

  1. Nancy,

    What is the saying “Life is what happens when you are planning something else” I never get it right, but the sentiment rings so true for so many. I know it does for me. I am so sorry for your sick relative but so happy for your new baby nephew. Life is a cycle and sometimes we may want to get off, but the joys and sorrows keep us there. Peace and support being sent to you and your family. Doris


  2. All its colours, indeed. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law’s illness and pleased to hear about the new baby. For your family to experience both together has to create much emotional intensity. Blessings to you and yours, Nancy. Stephanie


  3. I use a daily planner I can fit in my purse. I used a “palm pilot” which is not even made anymore, And one day it wouldn’t turn on, I was in trouble! So I went back to paper and pen, but not as convenient as that little palm pilot. But my memory (or lack of) makes me carry this external “brain” around. Your lateness is totally understandable with the many events in your life lately. Life takes courage.


  4. Nancy, I don’t know how you are even staying sane this year. You have had so much going on and so many life changes. LOL I like a month-at-a-glance desk calendar, but I’ve discovered you have to be able to see your desk to use it. I use Gmail and among some of the Gmail features are the Google Calendar. I like it. You have just given me my idea for my next blog. LOL Cher’ley


  5. At least you’ve have some good – London, Madeira, new baby – to offset the sad. I hope things go well for your b-i-l.

    I use both paper and electronic reminders. I like being able to see a month at a time in my desk diary. But I also love getting email reminders from my electronic calendar. Just wish they hadn’t changed it a while ago. Isn’t quite as easy to use as it used to be.


  6. Nancy, sending hugs and prayers your way. I love your title — how true! I think of life in seasons, and that’s a title of a manuscript I’m working on. Now, I will integrate colors into those seasons as well. Thank you for sharing what’s going on in your life so we can give you whatever support we can. May you experience a season of more smiles soon!


  7. Thank you for the responses from Neva, Cherley, Kathy and Gayle. I’m not able to access internet much as i’m away from home.


  8. This post is for all of us. We all have lives other than our writing and I believe taking time and being in these other places stores up all kinds of information that we may need later as we pursue our dream of writing. Families are so important and time spent with them is never lost. I, too, have a nice desk calendar but I’ve not used it much this year. I have a calendar app on my iPhone that helps me keep track of appointments and I use that for everything. Mostly this has happened because of my medical problems and doctor visits and my husbands, as well. I do keep a journal by my bed and write in it every night. Once my life has settled down a bit I’ll go back to using the calendar on my desk for my writing – I miss writing things in it and using it daily for my writing. Great post Nancy. Thanks!


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