To Jot or Not-Memory Joggers and Calendars by Cher’ley

This Blog  by Cher’ley Grogg

You’re away from home, and your calendar is not. What do you do?





  • a. Roll it up like a sausage and take it with you
  • b.Take a selfie with the calendar in the back ground
  • c.Use a whole pad of Post-it notes and take the notes with you(Sticking them on any surface that will hold them)
  • d. None of the above (I have a mind like a steal trap, and I never need a calendar)


What are some ways to keep track of tasks and important information?

  1. I have my Google Calendar synced with everything that I can, but still that’s not always convenient.
  2. I used to use a little tape recorder, but now I have a recording program on my phone that I use.
  3. Email is my friend. I email myself all kinds of things. I have a folder that holds my emails to myself, from there I can send them elsewhere if I need to.
  4. I have some (some-as in zillions) of post-a-note pads that I use. Can’t seem to get away from jotting things down on paper. But, now I sometimes take a smart phone photo of important numbers I may need later. These are phone numbers or notes that I will need on a short term basis.

Save an hour or more on your tasks.

Some additional programs:

  • Here’s a link to a To Do List program. It has the ability to add longer notes and descriptions. Todoo.
  • If you have an IPhone or IPad here are 50+ To Do apps available to you  Of course, there are equivalents for the Android system.
  • I found this article about getting organized. Track multiple-changing tasks. 

Finally, I got a little app that works great for me. It’s a Shopping List app, that you can type into or use your phones voice options and record your list. Right now I have 5 folders on mine:

  1. Inventory Food Cabinet
  2. Inventory Truck cabinets
  3. Places to Go
  4. To Buy
  5. To Do

I can add more folders if I’d like to, but these work out pretty good right now. So what I mainly use is my Google Calendar, my phone camera, and my Shopping List App.

***What do you use to keep track of everything?***

Photos courtesy of the Morgue Files.

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13 thoughts on “To Jot or Not-Memory Joggers and Calendars by Cher’ley

  1. Cher’ley, I have to admit, due to the type of work I do and constantly being on the go, I rarely write anything in a calendar. The only exception, and then rarely is a differing work schedule far down the road. Still I enjoyed the post. I like seeing how other people keep their lives on track. Doris


    1. Doris, it’s great that you can just go about without having to worry over such matters. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t fastened to me. LOL Actually I remember pretty well, but minor things or passing things I don’t.


  2. When I still worked — and I am looking back not at newspaper reporting but at my job as an instructional developer in the ’90s — I had a flip calendar. I’d write down all the important stuff I needed to remember on the day it was scheduled, and it worked pretty good — as long as I remembered to keep flipping the pages over each new day. I’ve also used post-its. Back when I was a city editor in the mid-’80s, the managing editor bought me a chalkboard and I’d write down important stuff I had to do for the upcoming week. He thought I needed the board because I was — and am — a disorganized person. Now while my desk usually looks a mess, I do have a talent of organizing well enough to write complicated epic fantasy novels with more than 10 major characters. I guess I’m an oddball.


  3. Mike, I guess I saw you as a very organized person. Back in the day, I had one of those notepads that had the duplicate (While you were out), it was for phone messages, but I wrote everything in it. That way I could take a copy and if I lost it, I always had the backup copy. LOL Cher’ley


  4. Right now, I keep track of future appointments in a Word document on my computer. However, I don’t check that as often as I should. My iPad has a reminders feature, and maybe I’ll check that out sometime.


  5. I only keep a calendar at work, but I put all my appointments on it and then write notes to remind myself of things at home. So far it works, but I may need to get a new system at some point. Stephanie


  6. My schedule book is my brain. I bought a half page one that fits in my large purse or any bag I take with me. I have double booked myself a couple times in the past. I am bad about writing notes to myself and not keeping them in one place or one one notepad however. Good tips and reminders. I need them. Thanks, Cherley! Neva


  7. I have a brain like a sieve and I need to write things down in my large desk diary. If I go away (seem to have mentioned that lately) I then jot down the next few days tasks on paper but if my return home is delayed – I’m snookered! I’ve never tried the emailing myself technique and might give that a try!


  8. Great post Cherley. In fact, I read it and intended to comment but got caught up in the links and downloading an app to my phone and learning to use it! Thank you so much for the information – I chose To Do for Mac. It’s fantastic! This is a very important post for everyone!


  9. Still don’t do apps but one day I’m sure I will. I still use an old-fashioned calendar both at home and in my purse. Fortunately I also still have a good memory, but I’ve caught myself double-booked at times just relying on the ol’ noggin. So, I need to write things down and be diligent about it with my busy interview and article-writing schedule. Great post, Cher’ley and some wonderful ideas I might have to try sometime!


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