Off to the Races


Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

Escape from Alcatraz Ginger’s version. 037


Ginger is not the kind of dog you can let off leash, well at least not yet and not with some serious intervention from the dog whisperer. We are working on it though.

Pepper our black lab mix was the same when he was young. As a teenage dog, he escaped several times. One time he conned my mother in law into letting him outside for his potty break without a leash. I swear you could hear him laughing as he scampered around the neighborhood with my poor mother in law trailing behind begging him to return. We got him back no problem and gave him the doggie version of a time out.

It didn’t stop escapades. Never one to miss an opportunity to socialize (my mom always called him the mayor), one evening he hopped out of the car in a parking lot, a dark, nearly deserted parking lot. Pepper and I were picking my husband up from his late shift, as my husband was introducing me to one of his co-workers Pepper decided he, too needed an introduction and he slipped out of the partial open car door and proceeded to lead us on a merry chase around the parking lot.

You don’t know fun until you’ve chased an all black dog around a poorly lit parking lot at 11pm.

Eventually, he settled down and could be trusted to be off leash while well supervised.

Now we have Ginger, as spicy as her namesake she is small but incredibly fast. Her favorite game is to wait by the back door and when I open the door to take the laundry outside she shoots outside.

It plays out the same every single time, I trail behind her calling her to come back while  she takes a victory lap or two-perhaps even three around the yard and then finally returns to me looking only slightly guilty.

It’s a game, I just need to make sure she plays by the rules, which is stay in the yard and come back when I call.

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7 thoughts on “Off to the Races

  1. SUCH A GREAT POST, JENNIFER! I can SO RELATE!! What is it about the word “come” that dogs don’t like?! LOL Maybe they are more like children than we’ve ever thought!! Thanks for the chuckles today!


  2. Sweet post. We have an “escape cat” who doesn’t do the laps but loves to slip outside every chance she gets. Fortunately she is afraid of cars and the road and will come to you if you sit on the steps and pet her a minute. It doesn’t occur to her that this is a trap until she’s inside. 🙂


  3. Loved this post Jennifer! All of us who have or have had pets can probably relate. Ginger has a beautiful face – love the pic. Our new little Shih Tzu is somewhat like Ginger. We can let her off the leash in our backyard, but the minute she hears the kids in the house behind us or the house in front of us she’s Ginger reincarnated. Working on getting her to know her boundaries.


  4. I was smiling the whole time I was reading this. Dogs are such great pets, but do present challenges. Good luck with Ginger. Doris


  5. I know your game very well. From 1988 to 2003 I had a sweet girl cat named Bobby. That cat spent a great deal of her life coping with some serious ailments including an immune system that caused her to get bumps all over her body and scratch quite a bit of fur off herself — and two bouts of cancer. The first bout was a tumor that kept growing and would’ve have killed her, except I got her enrolled in a NC State/Duke program. In exchange for allowing them to implant a genetically altered cancer-fighting gene in her, the vet school paid for radiation treatments while I paid for surgery to “completely” get rid of the tumor and surrounding tissue so it wouldn’t grow back. It worked for four years, and then a different cancer got her. Well, Bobby loved to escape from the house. She would lurk by the door and slip past your feet as you went in or out. It was a game to her once she was out in the front yard. She’d crouch down and wait for you to get almost up to her, and then she’d run to another part of the lawn and repeat her maneuver. We’d do our own maneuvering, trying to herd her away from the street. After maybe 10 minutes, she’d be crouching down and I’d come up to her — and instead of running away, she’d stay put and let me pick her up. I guess she was tuckered or had decided show me mercy.


  6. Funny post, Jennifer. I’ve never had a pet myself but my daughter has two chocolate dogs, a lab and a short-haired pointer. They are well behaved dogs but I wouldn’t like to lose them at night. My daughter tends not to walk them late for very obvious reasons…and they are very strong dogs to run after. 😉


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