What’s Cooking?

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

I signed the kids up for summer school. When I went to school summer school was akin to a stretch in the big house. Your parents threatened you with it, if you didn’t get your grades up and if you did end up in it, you spent the entire time looking out the window day dreaming about all the wonderful fun you’d be having on the outside. If only you weren’t trapped inside learning algebra.

Now summer school is more like an affordable day camp for kids. This year the kids could build paper roller coasters, put on a summer theatre production, or learn how create motion picture masterpieces among other things.

I let the kids sign up for fun stuff, but I also signed them up for cooking class, after all, it is important to feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Actually, my motives weren’t purely altruistic. In the class, they learn how to make muffins, cookies and pizza to name just a few. Aside from them getting more comfortable in the kitchen, the kids bring home samples for me.

Yep, it’s all about the muffins for me. So far, they brought home muffins and a huge batch of spaghetti, which my husband happily packed in his lunch box.

They did make pizza, but some how I didn’t get any pizza. How many samples I get varies depending on hfile5811252090673ow much the kids liked the cooking project of the day.

I know it makes the kids happy to know I am looking forward to sampling all their hard work and conveniently, school lets out right before lunch so I don’t have to worry about what I am having for lunch.

Today I got two strawberry empanadas-tasty-but I know when cookie day rolls around they won’t bring me even a crumb.

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7 thoughts on “What’s Cooking?

  1. You have a big surprise in store, Jennifer! Wahtever it is-cookie or not- it’ll taste fabulous adn it will be even better because your kids did the making. They’ll have wonderful fun telling you what the cookie tasted like. 😉


  2. Jennifer,

    You are right , summer school was not a good thing back then. I’m glad it has changed its coat…and the samples, yum. Doris


  3. Sounds like a fun thing. I learned to cook in 4-H, and by watching mom. Didn’t have it in my school. Sounds like a great way to make self-esteem when you share their creations. My granddaughter, age 12, is learning to cook in her school and wanted a recipe box for her birthday in April. So of course I got her good solid hardwood that will last all her life! And now I get to share recipes with her. I think our society needs the cooking classes now as many don’t get the opportunity to learn at a parent’s side. Good for your daughters. Neva


  4. Awesome post Jennifer. Sounds like your kids will be well-trained and that makes more time for you. How exciting that they have changed things for summer camp. Making it hands-on and interesting will make a lot of kids happy. And the stuff they bring home usually isn’t too bad either. My son loved to cook, took a cooking class and ended up winning top place in a pizza contest for the state of Michigan. We were all so proud!


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