Netflix: A TV and movie lovers dream?

CindyCarrollEI’ve been a TV lover for as long as I can remember. Even in high school I was known as the walking TV Guide. Every week the guide would arrive, I’d read it and somehow remembered all the shows, their days, times and channels. I spent a lot of time in front of the television. It’s where I studied. It’s where I chatted on the phone with my friends. There were so many good (to me) shows on back then that I can now find on Netflix. Talk about blasts from the past. We just finished watching all five seasons of Sliders. Dove into Murder, She Wrote for a bit. On the agenda soon is Quantum Leap. Maybe even Fantasy Island. I might even finish watching Bewitched.

I love that most seasons of the shows I watch are on there. I can catch up on shows I’m watching or start a new obsession. The most recent obsession was Veronica Mars. We watched all three seasons of that in about a week. I lucked out with Witches of East End. Netflix had all of season one available. I was able to watch them all before season two even started. There’s been a lot of hype about Downton Abbey. I might give that a whirl.

There have been a few good movies on Netflix as well. But there are a lot that aren’t so good. A lot of older movies, though I think Sharknado is available on it now. I like Netflix for my guilty pleasure movies. Accepted. Armageddon. Movies I meant to watch when they were in theatres but didn’t get around to. Then there are those really bad, direct to DVD movies.

Not all Netflixs are created equal

It’s true that not all shows and movies available on the U.S. version of Netflix are available on the Canadian Netflix. Much to the frustration of many a Canadian TV viewer, we have Canadian content rules here. At last count the U.S. Netflix had 9551 movies/shows and the Canadian Netflix had 4232 movies/shows. I agree with the content rules in theory but they’re frustrating to someone who watches as much TV as I do. And I hate to admit it but U.S. and British shows are usually better. Canadian shows have improved since the 80s when there were really bad shows. The stories weren’t bad but the production value was horrible. You could tell at first sight that the show was produced here. But now we have great shows like Continuum (available only on U.S. Netflix), Flashpoint (available only on U.S. Netflix), Lost Girl (available only on U.S. Netflix), Bitten (available only on U.S. Netflix), Murdoch Mysteries – Seasons 1 – 3 (available only on U.S. Netflix). See why I think the Canadian content rule makes no sense? They want us to watch our own shows but they haven’t negotiated rights for Canadian shows to be shown on Canadian Netflix.

What’s a TV lover to do? Why, trick Netflix into thinking I’m in the U.S. of course. There are services available on a subscription basis that give you a U.S. IP address to use. We can also watch the UK Netflix if we want. We haven’t changed our IP address for that yet but maybe next month we’ll give it a look to see what’s available there. So for approximately $5 extra a month we more than double our choices.

Check out the shows available on each version here:

Are you a TV and/or movie lover? Do you use Netflix? 

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10 thoughts on “Netflix: A TV and movie lovers dream?

  1. Interesting post, Cindy. I’m not a big TV watcher but my husband sure is. We plan to get Netflix for the winter as we spend most of the summer at the campground. I saw one segment of Downton Abbey when we were traveling and I’d like to watch that from the beginning. I absolutely loved Deadwood and Alias so those will be on the menu. I missed one season of Survivor when I was in Mexico, so will check that out. It’ll be fun to see what we can find. I wonder if Dark Shadows is on Netflix? We used to race home from school every day just in time to watch it. On TV I’m really into Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother and, The Voice. Other than that I’m usually reading or working on the computer in another room. My husband loves Law and Order SVU and watches it daily, then switches to other crime dramas. Maybe I should be worried? ha ha


  2. Cindy, I love TV too and always have. Since I’ve always been able to do a few things at the same time, like read and watch TV, I did both a lot. They say most people are using Netflix to pick out a series and watch it from beginning to end, uninterrupted. That’s sure what I do My favorite is Longmire, (waiting for season 3), then some of the old ones Hercules, Columbo, Quantum Leap, etc. I tape most of the modern TV shows on my Droid TV DVR and watch them when I want. I love it. Cher’ley


  3. Cindy, Love TV and movies even more. Having said that, I get so busy I don’t watch as much as I used to. Netflix I have, but have not been using it…time to cut another cost. I do use the local library and their collection of DVD’s of movies and shows. Doris


  4. I was a tvaholic when I was younger, but now, there’s not much on that I like to watch. Downton Abbey sounds interesting, and so does Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series on the Hallmark channel so maybe I’ll try Netflicks.


  5. I’m with you, Cindy – love my TV and watching shows on Netflix. I’m in the US and have seen/loved all of the shows you mentioned. Good luck on getting them where you are. Fun post.


  6. How did we ever survive back in the days when there were only NBC, CBS, ABC and Public Television? And no ability to go back and look at something seen a few minutes earlier? And no way to skip over the commercials? Now we sometimes get on Netflix and watch reruns on Adam 12 and Emergency. It’s a hoot to look at what mattered to the writers and producers back in the 1970 period. Not to mention all that equipment they saw as high tech back then.


  7. I’m with Mike — had only national networks for MANY years and there seemed like more shows to watch than there are today. We cut our cable line/satellite several months back because I got tired of paying nearly $100/month for NOTHING to watch (I’m not thrilled with much that is on these days). We watch Hulu and DVDs and like you, Cindy, I prefer the “old shows.” Not tried Netflix — though my husband has mentioned it — so we may look into it. Thanks for an interesting blog post!


  8. Cindy, I agree with you about the joys of Netflix. I just recently started watching Netflix, and it is addicting. My latest pleasure is an Australian series called McLeod’s Daughters. Lovin’ it!


  9. Cindy- I don’t get around to watching TV nowadays, but I’m sure would love to see some reruns since I used to watch some as a teenager. Your Netflix sounds ideal and maybe cost effective for avid TV watchers.


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