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Here in Sheridan, Wyoming, we have two seasons: winter and construction. This year, it’s not so bad, but in past summers, I wished I could teleport or use the Starship Enterprise’s transporter to get from one place to another because the city was doing several major street reconstruction projects at once which made getting around almost impossible, even on foot.






During one such summer, a funny thing happened. Here I was with my limited vision, worried about stepping in wet concrete or wandering into the path of an oncoming bulldozer, when an article in the local paper inspired the following from That’s Life: New and Selected Poems to be released at the end of August. This was also published in How to Build a Better Mousetrap: Recollections and Reflections of a Family Caregiver.









On an Adventure with Her Grandkids

She drove into a mound

of freshly poured concrete surrounded by orange cones,

was cited by police for not following signage.

Her insurance company will be billed.

The blind aren’t the only ones who blunder.






How often does your town do street reconstruction projects? Are they done one at a time or several at once? Have you or someone else had an interesting experience as a result?


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12 thoughts on “A Street Reconstruction Adventure by Abbie

  1. Well said Abbie. We have tourist and construction almost year round, the bane of living in a moderate climate. We sometimes get Dec-Feb off if it gets cold enough. Doris


  2. Definitely resonated with me, Abbie. Everywhere I turn in our town, there are orange cones, flashing messages and closed roads these days. I prefer my own detours, even though I see interesting twisting streets I haven’t seen before sometimes! But, I try to remember to appreciate a smooth street without potholes instead of taking it for granted when its fixed. Good post.


  3. Same in Vegas… always construction going on. In the last couple of days read about a couple of huge projects planned for The Strip. Some dude with oodles of cash plans a major casino project on the site of what had once been the Frontier Casino. Vegas seems to remake itself every 20-30 years. It’s all razzle-dazzle in the so-so style of an adult Disneyworld; wish some visionary developer would put up an architectural marvel that could win an award. Instead, we get pyramids, Statues of Liberty, Eiffel Towers, all gaudy reproductions, nothing original and amazing.


  4. I didn’t realize you were in Sheridan. We spent a great week there at the Eaton Ranch a few years ago. Loved the place and the people.

    Here in CA we don’t have the harsh weather that wrecks roads, so we don’t have road repair probs like you do. Instead we have road construction boondoggles. Constantly building new roads to keep up with our expanding population. It’s amazing how long they can take and the commuter nightmares they cause.


  5. Abbie- Sometimes I would like the construction – of new roads- if it meant getting rid of the huge potholes that are worse to negotiate. Yes *sigh* we have all -year round traffic cones and road closures and mess, as well. Our damp and cold/snowy winters play havoc with the tarmac that’s laid and it doesn’t seem to last long at all.


  6. Nice post Abbie. We are having no construction in the small town we live in, but going to Green Bay can be a real chore right now. They are in the process of installing new overpasses and round-a-bouts and it seems that everywhere you have to go is a detour. We just plan extra time and as my husband is usually driving, he knows the city well and remains cool and collected. Really enjoyed your poem and the photos!


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