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Shopping at resale shops or consignment shops isn’t for everyone, but I love it. It goes beyond the cost savings, which is frankly enormous, for me, it more about the hunt.

Yes, I could go to the mall, or better yet the internet, and find exactly what I want. The exact size, color etc within in seconds…maybe minutes if I am looking for something truly unique, put it in the cart, hit check out and have my item.

Instead, I prefer to troll through the resale shops, I have a list of favorite ones.  Of course, you can’t go into a resale shop thinking you will walk out with a pair of black pants. They might not have black pants. The best approach is to go in with an idea of what you want-Nothing specific just general idea, for example dress clothes, a cozy sweater, a new pair of shoes. SONY DSC

It’s like treasure hunting you never know what you will find. I found a pair of gorgeous real leather designer boots for $5. These boots retail for over $100. It’s like winning the lottery and discovering the pharaoh’s tomb all wrapped up in one for me.

Actually, that is what I love most about it, is finding an expensive item, sometime you can tell it was never worn for a price that no department store could ever hope to match, not even on their most crazy black Friday sales.

Also, I love the idea of reusing items. We, I mean humans as a whole, waste many things. Walk into any resale shop and you will be overwhelmed by the amount of clothes available.

Great for the shopper and I love that people choose to recycle their clothes. Just because you don’t like that sweater your mother-in-law gave you or those perfectly good pants  don’t fit anymore doesn’t mean you should throw them away.

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9 thoughts on “Shopping List

  1. I agree, Jennifer! I haven’t been resale shopping in a while, but it is fun–and you never know what you might find. Some of my favorite items have come from resale shops.


  2. Love the treasure hunt. Of course it started with costuming, but quickly became much more. And on that note, off I go hunting. (Smile) Doris


  3. I love this type of shopping, just wish I had more time to do it. We used to have a couple of really awesome resale shops nearby but they either closed or moved farther away. Sigh. Loved the blog. 🙂 Erin


  4. I love those stores, but not being much of a shopper, I donate more to consignment than I buy, but when I do buy, it’s like getting a present. This summer found a pair of sandels that don’t hurt my now constantly hurting old nurse’s feet for $7 that were almost like new. And since I had donated to that shop, had credit, so didn’t pay anything! I love finding things that match from different stores or something that matches some item at home and it looks like a set. Enjoy the hunt~


  5. Interesting take on things. And fits with your jewelry making and arty orientation. Obviously there are a lot of people like you who enjoy treasure hunting, but I rarely do.

    We always donate our clothes and I hope they do some good. But I don’t like to shop so I’m usually looking for something specific and don’t find resale or discount places fun. Oddly enough my hubby likes to window shop and he might find the treasure hunting idea fun.

    Good luck on your next hunt.


  6. I donate to the ‘Charity’ shops since in my area that kind of store has a dedicated charity collecting the profits. I don’t often browse to buy but when I do, Jennifer, I find things are a great bargain. I’m like a few of the people above in the comments list in that I hate shopping, so it’s a rare occasion that finds me in any kind of store.


  7. Jennifer, I’m with you. I love The Salvation Army Thrift stores, and lots of other ones. I got some gorgeous sweaters, brand new Cold Water Creek-80 dollar swraters for $5 bucks. It’s funny how many of us hate to shop, but I enjoy resale shops and ard sales. Cher’ley


  8. Loved this post Jennifer! I am a thrift store shopaholic! I love the interesting things I find there. I’m always looking for women’s vintage handkerchiefs, old tablecloths, things with embroidery, and anything craft related for my sewing and art passion. I lucked out a couple of weeks ago and found a bag of Acrylic paints for $3.99. I left all those things in Mexico when I moved back so am glad to find things I need to replace. I also love, love, love garage sales. What deals you can find there! Looks like we are of the same mind – happy thrift shopping!


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