The End of Summer – Sort Of by Erin Farwell

IMG_3021_1School supplies are purchased, twice because the school changed the 7th grade list after we’d already purchased everything on the original list. Initial school clothes are purchased. I say initial because it’s still summer here and a new fall/winter wardrobe will need to be obtained. The same is true of shoes. We bought what is needed for now but boots, usually two stylish pairs, will need to be acquired when temperatures begin to drop.

We’ve met the home room teacher, have the set of books they let the kids keep at home so they don’t have to lug text books back and forth each day, and printed out the schedule. Overall, things are going well, though we’re now on the hunt for small composition notebooks with 3 holes in the binding. Willow will start with what she has and go from there.

I am talking about school because Willow goes back on Monday. Some schools here in Georgia have been in session for a week already but most are Girls Golfing (28)starting next week.

When I was a kid, school started after Labor Day. August meant hot, lazy days, maybe going to camp and definitely entering craft and food items in the county fair. This last month of summer was filled with days at Lake Michigan, greasy elephant ears at the fair, and nights that carried a hint of the cooler months to come.

Here in Georgia and many other states as well, kids think of July as the end of summer even though the seasonal calendar disagrees. We celebrated by having an “end of summer break bash” at our house yesterday and this morning. Four of Willow’s five closest friends (one is still at the beach) came over and we took them to a summer block buster movie followed by a round of mini golf. The girls then had pizza and home-made ice cream. Since this was my Girls Golfing (77)husband’s project and he is a scientist, it was made with liquid nitrogen rather than in an ice cream maker. They had a big breakfast this morning then we sent them home to rest up for Monday.

As a parent, I’ve always have a love/hate relationship with the start of school and this year is no exception. Willow and I had a great time together this summer and since she’s now 13 years-old, I can envision a time when she will have other interests so I hold these weeks as precious treasures. On the other side of the coin is the reality that I worked to expand my freelance writer career over the last few months. This has been much more successful than I imagined and I need to spend more time writing, so the start of school is coming at a good time for me.

So ready or not, school starts on Monday. Willow is more organized than I am and so she has her backpack ready and probably the first weeks’ worth of outfits selected. I have my to-do list ready so I can hit the ground running as well. The calendar may say “August” but for us, summer really is over.

How’s your summer going?

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15 thoughts on “The End of Summer – Sort Of by Erin Farwell

  1. Congratulations on the freelancing, Erin! That’s awesome! It sounds like the timing is pretty perfect–as you are sending your now teenager back to school. I love that Mike made the ice cream with liquid nitrogen. I would like to have seen that! Great post!


    1. He’s tried a few recipes and this is the best so far. The girls loved mixing the liquid nitrogen into the ice cream base and stirring until it was “ice cream”. 🙂 Freelancing is going better than expected so far – don’t want to get cocky. 🙂 Thanks for the support.


  2. Yahoo on the freelancing. I also have a love hate relationships with summer school breaks. I often wonder if all the changes made to the schedules are for the kids, their parents or the teachers. Oh well.
    So glad you had the time to spend with your special girl. May they last longer than you expect. Doris


  3. I too remember long summer breaks where my nerves relaxed, imagination soared, and I soaked up lazy summer days. I would wish that for every child, yet today’s world is different so maybe they prefer the accelerated pace. But, you’re right,, it makes summer seem shorter. Good post.


  4. As a former teacher, the return to school for me was a mix of depression and excitement. Depressed that the holiday days were over, counterbalanced by a new school class to look forward to. Funnily enough, I used to buy my school clothes in August as well since our schools start next week, too. It’s a nice thought that you’ll have more time to write, Erin- good luck with that!


    1. Thanks, Nancy. My birthday is in September so I got lots of my school clothes for birthday gifts, which was kind of a bummer. And yes, I have my projects lined up and I’m good to go. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.


  5. Back when I was a reporter (before I retired a few months ago), I’d cover school stuff and think to myself, “Good grief, they keep taking more and more of the summer away from kids.” I know they want to prepare kids for the high-tech world they will work in, but I sometimes think that in the process they’re stealing childhoods.


  6. Yeah, it really bothers me that the summers seem to be getting shorter and shorter. The actual school days don’t seem to have increased, just days off during the year.

    On the other hand one school where I taught didn’t start until late Sept. because it was a farm/ranching community and the kids helped harvest the fruit.

    Good luck with the free lancing.


  7. Wonderful post, Erin — brought a lot of smiles! I, too, went back to school after Labor Day and was astonished when our local district had kids in school by Aug. 10th a few years ago! Although I have no kids to get ready for school, I have enjoyed the summer and am looking forward to the autumn season, especially since I’ll be spending about 10 days with my dad, creating lasting memories as we journey to and through some national parks in the southwest. So happy for you and your freelance writing career! I’d welcome pointers as I look to do the same (increasing my career that is!) 🙂


  8. Erin, what a lovely post. It’s plain to see that you have had a wonderful summer with your daughter and her friends. I can tell you those are the times you will both remember in later years when you look back. So, although as she goes back to school and your heart is heavy, it opens up new vistas for you and time for your projects. You’ll still have quality time evenings and weekends and before you know it, it will be summer again!


  9. Erin, I remember those days. My daughter is now grown and has a daughter of her own. Therefore first day of school here in West Virginia isn’t a big deal. Summer is still in full swing and won’t end until the hummingbirds leave, and the winter birds arrive. So I still have a bit more time to make summer memories. That also means I won’t be working on my to do list for a few more weeks.


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