It’s Twins

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

In honor of the twin’s 13th birthday, I thought I would tell you what it is like to have twins. Everyone has heard the story about the newborn twins that are instinctively joined as one. In their bassinette, one twin reaches over and grabs the other twin’s hand.

Yeah, well, I don’t have that kind of twins. After daughter number one arrived, daughter number two refused to leave. Enjoying all the newfound space, she stretched her arms above her head and refused to leave.

The doctor paused my labor and we waited for kid 2 to switch into proper birth position, and we waited and we waited. It was clear she wasn’t coming out. So, he put the ultrasound wand on my stomach and chased her around until she turned in proper position.

When she finally arrived, she didn’t seem to impressed that her sister was there. No hand holding for them. During the first year, I looked for signs of “twin-ness”. None appeared.

They liked each other well enough, but didn’t seem to disturbed when they were separated. Occasionally, if I had one girl alone, she would look around as if to say “boy I’m sure glad that other guy went home”.

As they got older, they started to enjoy each other company a little more, even getting into mischief together, like the great crib breakout. file1311297121136

One night, after putting them to bed I heard a bit of thumping and shuffling. I opened their door to find them standing in front of the changing table with diapers on their heads. Apparently, they thought they were hats.

Over the years, there have been many adventures and some mishaps, and many accusations of one kid stealing another kids thunder, but overall they seem to enjoy their twin status.

Now nothing irritates them more than having a teacher confuse them, as they insist they look nothing alike.

This fall is the first year they will be in separated in school. They have only one class and lunch together and their lockers are miles apart. Can’t wait to see how this year goes.

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9 thoughts on “It’s Twins

  1. “Yeah, well, I don’t have that kind of twins. After daughter number one arrived, daughter number two refused to leave. Enjoying all the newfound space, she stretched her arms above her head and refused to leave.” I laughed when I read that. Hilarious. Really enjoyed the read.


  2. I like Mike’s comments and Abbie’s too. My niece couldn’t have children, went to a doc. Had a set of twins-Paternal-one brown haired, brown eyed, the other blonde haired, blue eyed. So figured they couldn’t have another baby without the fertility doc, but 9 months later a little blonde haired, blue eyed beauty, so then they wanted to try for a boy, and they got another little blonde girl, so one more try and they got their boy +, lol. They had another set of paternal twins, one blonde haired-blue eyed and one brown hair, brown eyed. So she had 6 kids under six. Fun times. Your girls are so individual, that is great. Cher’ley


  3. No twins in our family, but I always thought I’d like to be one. However, with three other siblings I’m sure it would have been wilder at our house than it already was. Your girls sound delightful and I’m sure it’s because of your mothering. Congrats on 13 years with them and for letting us have a peek into life with twins.


  4. I’lll be eager to hear the updates, Jennifer. I had twin friends at school from the age of 12. They were totally different and being apart in high school helped each of my friends to develop their own real personalities.


  5. Cute post. Loved the bit about not wanting to come out.
    Hope the girls do well in school this year. I’ve often heard that it’s best to separate them. Let them develop their own personalities. Sounds like yours already have.


  6. I had to laugh at your story–well told. I thought of my first daughter, whom I had wanted to be twins, but who also had a clear mind of her own from the first. Your second sounds like that. My mother-in-law had identical twin girls when her first was three and my husband was two, so four kids in three years, no indoor plumbing, washer, etc. And she was sane when I met her many years later! I feel for your niece, must be a lively place. And my hat is off to you for raising twins! They sound like so much fun and personality. Neva


  7. Like the others, I loved the story of the birth and how daughter number 2 just wanted to hang around. My niece has twin boys, and they seem like more than a handful. I hope this school year of separation goes well for them.


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