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School starts next week. Today the kids and I stopped at school so they could drop off the rest of their school supplies. As always, we are behind. We should have dropped all our supplies off at registration but we didn’t have the shopping list complete.

Do you remember when school supplies were simply a few pencils and a notebook? Maybe, if you were extra cool you brought a Trapper Keeper.

These days the kids must come equipped with three ring binders, pens in a variety of colors and oddly, three rolls of scotch tape. I wonder if they are going to school or performing a financial audit.

Of course, in addition to dropping off their supplies, the girls wanted to decorate their home away from home for the next nine months. So, they brought in pictures, magnets, and cute little baskets to hold all their stuff. One of the girls even clipped a package of spearmint gum to her locker door. Now, her locker will smell refreshingly minty. IMG_5910_

They spent a lot of time deciding just where they should hang each picture (the dog got top billing over the cat). My son, on the other hand, simply shoved all his stuff in his locker and slammed the door before it could escape.

The only decoration the boy wants for his locker is a disco ball, sadly I have yet to find a locker sized disco ball so his locker is plain.

I don’t remember having too many decorations in my locker, maybe a picture or two. How about you?

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8 thoughts on “Locker

  1. Never decorated a locker, not had school supplies. Boy, what did i miss? I am enjoying the journey of your children and they navigate the ins and outs of returning to school. Smile. Doris


  2. Well, I do guess things have changed! We got assigned a locker and that was it. No decorations, no school supplies to buy (those were supplied by the school) and our lock came from the school also! Enjoying hearing about the “new way” of doing things. Thanks Jennifer!


  3. I never decorated my locker either–and I don’t know that any of us did. We had to share–two students per locker. And, same as Linda, the lock and the books came from the school. I (or my family) did have to supply my pens and notebooks, any report covers, etc., but we didn’t get a list of those at the beginning of the school year. We just had to get what we thought we’d need–and then add to as necessary. I love that one of your daughters clipped gum in her locker to make it smell fresh. 🙂


  4. I admit… I never thought much about my locker. Just a place to hang my coat and leave the textbooks I didn’t need. I’m going to age myself here. The last time I had a school locker was 1970; I don’t even remember who had lockers beside me. I do recall that my first locker… in junior high in Norco, California, was a tiny thing, barely enough room to stuff in a couple of books and a jacket. That junior high was not indoor, but had outdoor walkways between buildings. The lockers were outside.


  5. We didn’t have lockers. We carried everything in our school satchels and in my case even more stuff went into my long field hockey bag which I also carried to school a couple of days a week. I still have my leather satchel which is ‘decorated’ with pen doodles! The local high school has lockers, but when my own girls were there they were only available to senior pupils- the younger ones had to learn to lug all their books and equipment around for a couple of years before they earned a ‘locker’ space. ‘Tough em up’ learning. 😉


  6. On the outside, the lockers look like the ines I had, but the insides havw changed. No decorations in mine. I tried to put my books, notebooks, or whatever for each class in the order in which they would be used. I see all the stuff they can get to decirate with, very cool. Cher’ley


  7. Always love your posts, Jennifer, as you give us a peek into your life as mom, wife, writer, crafter, etc., and your posts are delightful! Yes, times were more simple when I went to school — pens, pencils, notebooks, maybe a calculator. And, no, I didn’t decorate my locker either — I don’t think the school allowed it. Best to you and your kids this school year!


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