Photograph = Thousand Words

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This is an extra post this month. I thought instead of my usual post, I would share some photographs and give you some options for writing thoughts, stories, or poetry.  It would be great if you would share a sentence or two about a favorite posted photo. Now, as the say, on with the show.


6-2-2014 early summer 011


1. The ice-covered forest…..

2. What a tangled web….


10-19-2013 Victor Murder Mystery 121



1. The gate had stood for many years, to keep them out or…

2. The blue sky drew them like nothing else, even bars couldn’t contain…


9-10-2011 end of season trip 131


1. A resting place or place of rest

2. The shadows cast were not their own


cabin wp 09 1


This one I leave to your imagination.


There are so many wonderful images in the world around us if we take the time to see. I have a camera most of the time to capture pieces of the world. They in turn feed my creativity.  Many a haiku and short story has come from seeing a headstone, the color of a flower or a person walking alone.

My short story “A Home For His Heart” came to fruition from a photo I took while wandering the high country. In fact it ended up as the background for the cover of the book. Below is the photo in its entirety.

October Mtn research trip 092

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. Rest, relax and count the blessings we have been given. Until next time…HAPPY WRITING!

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21 thoughts on “Photograph = Thousand Words

  1. Great idea, Doris! Yoru photos are great butI really love your ice-covered forest one. It just so happens that I posted on one of those 7 lines ‘memes’ this past week which just might fit here as well. This is from a WIP:
    “Her woollen braccae dripped from the knees, the softest of plops hitting the wet tree roots, the melted hail having trickled down from her chin. No part of her clothing was dry but she could do nothing about that state. Not until her turn at surveillance was over.”


  2. Awesome photographs, Doris. We took a driving trip through Colorado last fall, hit the aspens at peak, and it was beyond glorious. Had snow, too…sitting in front of the fireplace looking out at the mountains ablaze with color, my my. Unforgettable!


  3. I stood silently, listening to the whispers. They spoke to me in a language I well understood and their keening bore on the wind a promise of evil. I knew I must find her grave among all those unmarked headstones before the world as I knew it shattered around me.


  4. Nice post, Doris! I was filled with ideas as I looked at your pics and read your writing thoughts for each of the photos. Glad you left the cabin in the trees photo to my imagination — “Having endured the test of time, the weathered cabin in the woods peeked out from behind age-old trees and waited to tell its own stories.”


  5. What memories that cabin contained within… a hundred years of voices raises and feet tapping the floor planks. At the weekly newspaper where I worked in N.C., we’d do photo essays… one showed abandoned buildings and the stuff inside them. Even earlier, when I worked at a daily newspaper in Florida, we did a “one day in the life” photo essay of people living their lives in Lake County.


    1. Mike,
      Those sound like wonderful pieces. I would have devoured such essays. I love it when people remember that type of history.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing those stories. Doris


  6. A tangled mass of bare, brittle branches barred her way. She carefully touched one icy twig to push it aside and almost shrieked when it snapped, reverberating like a gunshot through evening silence. He had to have heard that.


  7. This is a wonderful addition/edition to our Wranglers blog, Doris! Thank you!! You have taken many wonderful photos and stirred the senses — my favorite is the cabin (wonder why?! HA!!) My thought: “Wondering who once occupied the weathered log cabin, she (primary character) meandered through the aging innards for clues.” Perhaps a romantic mystery will find further light??! Keep up your lovely work — it’s so inspiring!


    1. Thank you Gayle. There is a part of me that wishes that cabin was the one Isabella Bird stayed in on her trip through the Rocky Mountains. It is in the general area she wrote about. (Sigh). As I’m sure you know, I love the region and the history where I live. I also love sharing it. If it inspires others creativity that makes the ‘cake’ all the more appealing for me. Now to consider your thought on the cabin and what story it could tell. Doris


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