Squirrel Buffet

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

Zucchini is so prolific that gardeners leave them on neighbor’s doorsteps and often sneak them into visiting friend’s cars before they depart.

In August, the farmer’s market is filled with club-sized zucchini. I grew up eating zucchini fresh from the garden. I love sautéed zucchini and I have a fantastic zucchini bread recipe.

With that in mind, I planted zucchini in my garden this year. After last year’s disastrous attempt to add zucchini to my front garden, I decided to put it in a special container by my vegetable garden.

All appeared well. The seeds sprouted and the vines trailed. I had lovely yellow blossoms. Then a heat wave. Supposedly zucchini love heat….no one told my zucchini that.

The kids and I checked the plants every day. We watered, we said encouraging things finally, and we spotted a tiny little zucchini. It was no bigger than my pinkie. It was fit for a doll’s tea party.

Ever the optimist I babied that little zucchini hoping it would eventually grow bigger.
One day I went out to view my zucchini and found it missing, another victim of the neighborhood Robin Hood-Squirrel.
The zucchini was really the last in a long line of items that the squirrel ate or dug up from my garden. The first victims were my sunflower seeds. The next to go were the tomatoes and then the cucumbers and finally the zucchini.

So much for my dream of endless loaves of zucchini bread, unless a neighbor leaves some on my front poor.

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10 thoughts on “Squirrel Buffet

  1. We planted a nice little garden at our campsite. We also feed squirrels and birds. Of course, both the squirrels and birds prefer our beautiful red tomatoes and sunflower seeds. We haven’t tried zucchini yet. Guess we won’t! Great post Jennifer!


  2. Oh yes, squirrels do manage to cause the best laid plans to fall in disarray. Still for me the give me endless hours of enjoyment as I watch them run the wires behind the house. Still a loaf oc zucchini would have been nice. Doris


  3. I’ve had vegie gardens a couple of times. With the first we used mushroom compost and got amazing responses. Seemed like the zucchini would morph into baseball bats overnight. Wonderful tomatoes and peppers too. No predators. With another our main problem was pests – tomato worms and such. We’ve only ever had birds go after fruit on the trees and never to my knowledge been bothered by squirrels. I didn’t know they liked vegies. I’m going to try another garden this year and we do have squirrels that like to raid my bird feeder. Wonder if they’ll go after the vegies too. Anyone know how to discourage them?


  4. Fun post, Jennifer! Those darn squirrels. They cause all kinds of trouble, but I do like watching them. They make me laugh. I keep thinking about growing a small garden, but so far I’ve opted for going to the farmer’s market instead.


  5. Loved your post, Jennifer! My parents’ garden did well this year except for potatoes, and they are usually the prolific plants! I came back home from visiting them in Montana and had my own “Bountiful Basket” — including zuchs. If only we lived closer, I’d leave a few on your porch!!


  6. The ground hogs here raid the garden long before the squirrels get a chance. Past experience has taught me to plant twice as much as we will use. Then we get some too.


  7. I’m sorry they didn’t give the results you hoped for Jennifer. Maybe another year, when the squrrels are interested in something else?


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