My Favorite Color is Autumn by Cher’ley

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This saying has been going around Facebook and I agree with it, “My Favorite Color is Autumn”.  I’ve been out on my back deck watching the leaves falling like big snow drops. I don’t know if  I’m ready for Fall, followed by Winter.

What season are you?

If you visited a town called Wanton in West Virginia you might overhear James and Carolyn as they walk through the thick woods. James is fascinated with his young lady who is multi-talented, yet extremely humble. She picks up a leaf and holds it up to the sunlight and whispers this poem called the Autumn Evolution.

Colors are brilliant
Evolution of autumn
Blown away too soon

At McKeel’s Bed and Breakfast, you’d also hear a famous storyteller spinning a yarn, which stems from a true story. Uncle Lionel drew a deep breath and his deep voice burst forth. “I’ve heard it and I know it’s true, there was a man found dead in Stink Creek. Now Stink Creek is in a part of the woods, not fer from a favo-right swimmin’ hole. West Virginia has a fair share of swimmin’ holes, you know.” With a twinkle in his eye, the big burly man got close to one of the lady guests and winked. “If’n you have a notion, you can go in the buff.”


Now you can imagine, she huffed and blushed. He had her attention and mine. “The man got pretty riled up because some young fellows tipped his outhouse every year about this time.” He swept his big hand towards the sky. “The moon was a- full. His shotgun was a-loaded with salt. He was fixin to teach these young bucks a lesson they’d never forget.” And they didn’t. They never forgot the wails of that there man as he slid over the hill, a-break’n his neck. When they pulled the outhouse off’n him he was still a’hold’n his shotgun. It’s said, and I know it’s true, if’n you go swimmin’ by the light of the moon, at the ole’ swimming hole, you can hear him awailn’ and it sounds like he’s a-slidin’ over the hill into Stink Creek.”

The big, burly man looked me straight in the eye and said, “ So the next time you want to protect your outhouse don’t fall asleep before the Moon is Full.” And I sure won’t.

If you’d like to hear another story from Uncle Lionel you can find it in the last part of Chapter Seven in

Stamp Out Murder.

How do you feel about the seasons? Do you live somewhere that has a few months of all the seasons? Do you like story telling?

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18 thoughts on “My Favorite Color is Autumn by Cher’ley

  1. Great post Cherley. I love fall and I also love spring. I took the test from your link and it says I’m Fall. Didn’t surprise me in the least. I love scuffling around in the crispy leaves and enjoying the brilliant display of color provided by the earth. There are always branches and leaves I use as decoration in my house. And, I’m gearing up for Halloween – my very favorite holiday! Thanks for reminding us of the brilliant season almost upon us. I intend to enjoy every minute of it! Hope you do, as well.


  2. I always think of Autumn as the briliant last hurrah of life before sleep, Everything is vibrant, giving us a show to sustain us until Spring. Doris


  3. I don`t know about a favorite color, but my favorite season is summer. Since my late husband passed away, I have always enjoyed sitting in my back yard. It was one of his favorite places to sit, and I feel closer to him when I`m out there. Summer is the best time of year to be outside so my favorite season is summer.


  4. I love the Fall, once we get past the Sept. allergy season. The leaves aren’t changing yet here in CA and we don’t get the vibrant colors of the cold areas, but we do get some. Used to love playing in the piles of leaves when I was a kid in MI – and the bonfires! Are they sill allowed in the Midwest? Definitely not in CA. Crossing my fingers the cooler months will bring the badly needed rain.
    Cute story.


    1. Thanks Kate. We have bonfires pretty often. Usually with wood, not leaves. I leave my leaves until the mower starts up in the spring. LOL. I hope you get your much needed rain. Cher’ley


  5. I love Fall too. Although, like you, I’m not sure I’m ready for summer to be over yet this year. It’s really hot here today though–90’s–which we haven’t had much of this summer. I enjoyed the story, Cher’ley!


  6. I’m always glad for fall because we finally get some relief from summer temperatures (even though it’s still pretty warm). But as for colorful leaves–My teacher friend said she could never get her kindergartners to believe that leaves actually turned color in the fall. In this part of Texas its like they’re green and then they’re dead.

    And I can’t imagine NOT wanting to read more of Uncle Lionel’s stories. By the way, have you read Chic Sales’ The Specialist?


  7. Thanks Kathy, I have not read that book, must be something I’d enjoy. LOL poor kids. I’ll send them some Fall leaves. Kids do need to see and feel. LOL. Fall is a little crisper. I’ve heard that we are going to have an early Fall and a long hard winter. Cher’ley


  8. Fun story and post. I love fall too, if I don’t remember what’s next! Love the warm days and cool nights which we are having now. Our leaves are just thinking of turning on some trees. “Hang on” I tell them.


    1. Neva, that’s what I say to mine. “Hang On”. It’s starting to get a little cooler. We head back to work next week, hard to tell what kind of weather we’ll hit. Cher’ley.


  9. Fun post, Cher’ley! Yes, autumn is upon us in the Rocky Mountains/Great Plains as well. I visited my parents in Montana the weekend previous and the creekside plant leaves were changing to reds and golds, and this weekend up at our cabin I noticed the aspen leaves changing color. I love autumn as well, but not so fond of the season thereafter! Already making plans for another Arizona trip this winter! SMILE


  10. For me it is spring everything is new and green. But I have to admit I enjoy all the seasons. I don’t think I would want to live somewhere that the seasons didn’t change.


  11. Fall/autumn isn’t quite here yet for me this year – but give it a week and I might be saying differently. I loved the images and the sections from Stamp out Murder. I was really impressed by the fall colours, years ago, when I was in Minnesota at the end of August and into early September- it was spectacular.


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