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Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

This year’s choir outfit is a long, black formal dress. It is provided by the school and they were available for pick up on registration night.

We went to pick the dresses up after navigating the payment line, the photo line and the walking what seemed like 10 miles around the school looking for lockers and room placements.

Dresses were distributed in the school’s music room; a teenage girl operated the long clothing rack. The “fitting” consisted a teenage girl asking my daughter’s dress size was small, medium or large. My daughter’s rarely wear dresses and I had no idea how small, medium and large dress size translates to T-shirt and jeans. So, we grabbed a couple of mediums and crossed our fingers.  After holding one or two dresses from the rack up to my daughters, she sent us off to the “dressing” room.

The dressing room, also known as the instrument storage locker was a bit cramped and dark. I encouraged my daughters to just slip the dresses over their street clothes; we didn’t need an exact fit, just a ballpark that the dress fit.

My oldest daughter’s dress fit okay, but my youngest needed one a bit shorter. So, we went back to the dress rack. After explaining that it was too long the girl told us we could a)hunt through the rack hoping to find a shorter dress in her size, or take it home an alter it ourselves.

We were all drooping with exhaustion so I decided I could alter it myself, I mean it is just a hem. 20120930_142505

So now, the dress now hangs over the back of my daughter’s door accusingly and the first concert is rapidly approaching. I have yet to break out the sewing machine.

See, I’ve never hemmed a dress myself. Sure, I know how it’s done; I’ve watched both my mother and my grandmother hem lots of outfits for me or the girls over the years. I just have never done it myself.


I have a lovely sewing machine, a gift from my mother, when the girls were born. I imagined all the great things I would make with it. So far, I’ve made one pair of curtains and the kids have made a ton of pillows after they took home ec.

This weekend marks S-day. I can’t delay any longer I have to pull out the pins and hem that dress. I hope it goes well.

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6 thoughts on “Sew Sew

  1. It will be fine. I have hemmed many and unless it is biased it shouldn’t be a problem, but I do know about putting things like that off. Now off to fix a shirt. Doris


  2. I’ve been sewing since I was 5 years old and sometimes I put things off (especially anything to do with altering). Hemming is easy and you’ll have no problem. There is also a seam binding tape that you just iron on that makes an easy job of it with no sewing. it’s available at any fabric store. Good luck!


  3. I hope it goes well too. My mother sewed all the time, and she taught me some things. I haven’t used those skills much as an adult though. I have used the iron tape Linda mentioned! 🙂


  4. Jennifer- I also hope the hemming goes well. Doing a hem should be much easier than re-doing a zip fastener! 😉 I could sew it for you but I’m a bit far away- Jennifer. Actually, I rarely use my sewing machine now; mainly just for hemming things like curtains. When I was a teenager i made a large percentage of my own clothes and I made a lot of clothes for my daughters when they were growing up. I just don’t make the time to do it now- though I’m sure I’d be able to take it up again if I wanted to.


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