Sorting it out

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

It turned chilly here a few nights ago and as much as I hate to admit it; winter is coming. With that in mind, I decided to organize the hats, mittens etc.

It was a surprisingly easy job; all the hats and gloves were waiting exactly where I left them, neatly organized in a basket, in my mudroom waiting to go downstairs. file8301237150652

When winter finally released its icy grip this spring the last thing I wanted to do was spend any time inside sorting out the hats and gloves. Instead, I tucked them in the corner promising to get to them soon.

I bet I looked at that basket fifty times this summer and thought, “I gotta get to that.”

Fast forward six months later. Seriously, six months, I swear it only feels like a few weeks. Sadly, it really is almost October. I need to have the gloves ready to go, otherwise I will have to listen to one of the kids complain.

I can hear it now. “It was so cold I froze my fingers. My pinkie actually feel off mom, and I couldn’t finish my math test and now I’ll never go to college“. Yes, I have a vivid imagination.

I try to focus on the positive things, that the job went a lot quicker today, because I didn’t have to hunt them down in the basement, rather than the fact that I am lazy. Even more embarrassing than the gloves is the small portable battery charger that is staring at me accusingly from the other corner in the mudroom.

Last winter, when temperatures dropped to forty below, we brought the charger inside and got it ready just in case I needed to use it to start my car. I didn’t need it. Right now, it is working as the world’s largest paperweight, holding down papers in my “in” basket. Which is really the basket where I toss all the mail I want to file.

It isn’t much since most of our bills and statements come electronically, but I think I should change the name of the basket  from the “in” basket, which implies I will move it elsewhere to the storage basket.

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9 thoughts on “Sorting it out

  1. Egads! Forty below? I think I’ll stay in Las Vegas. If I want snow, I can drive to nearby Mount Charleston and play in it. Or buy an airline ticket to Columbus, Ohio, and walk gingerly along the snowy and icy sidewalks of family and friends. Jennifer Flaten “sorts it out” as she gets ready for the fall and winter, and snow boots and mittens and scarves and coats. Can’t have any of the kids’ fingers freezing and falling off, she says. Read about her procrastinating as winter approaches in Writing Wranglers and Warriors.


  2. I like the idea of the file basket renamed as a storage basket! I have several of those! And piles of papers here and there. If I can’t find something, my husband asks, “Is it in one of your piles?” So relate-able. Enjoyed your post. Neva


  3. Wisconsin seems to be getting more cold weather than usual, and earlier, don’t you think? We’re still at our camper and running the heat. You are so organized to have the kids warm hats and mittens already organized. I keep mine in a basket in the main closet (of course it’s just me and my husband). I actually love the winter months but last year we got a bit too much shoveling, I think.


  4. You give such great prompts, Jennifer. At present, we are having amazingly reasonable temperatures for almost October in my part of Scotland, but one night alone can change that drastically. I’ve also put off a lot of get ready/tidy up before jobs that need doing before a cold spell descends. Enjoy you warm fingers! 😉


  5. this is my life as well – I need to clean out my office, file those papers, organize my art supplies, etc., etc., etc., I’m lucky if I can find the time to do the things I have to do let alone the other stuff, so it sits. Great post.


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