Harmony and the Unexpected Part 2

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A continuation of the post from Monday, September 22, 2014. I spoke of how music and writing are similar.  Here is a link to a Hoagy Charmichael song some of you may have heard of “Stardust”. This is the original version sung by Hoagy.

Hoagy Carmichael


This is the Nat King Cole version.


Both are beautiful and I love both. The same applies to the stories we write. We can all have the same story, but we each apply our own interpretation and one is not better than the other, just different. I rarely sing or play piano in competition, I sing and play for my enjoyment, if others enjoy it, that is the icing on the cake. I’m working to make writing that same kind of enjoyment.

Sometimes it seems we don’t try something new or fail to continue something we started for fear of being compared unfavorably to others. As we get older time becomes something of the enemy and if we wish to accomplish the dreams we have, something has to give. As the above examples show, there is not competition, only our perception. Not everyone loves one version or the other.

Some people love Stephen King, others Dean Koontz. Does anyone remember Barbara Cartland? How about Kat Martin or Diana Palmer (Susan Kyle)? The point is there are favorites for everyone. As authors, musicians and artists, we only have ourselves to compete with.

Having said the above, to keep ourselves going, we sometimes need to do the unexpected, push ourselves in directions we might fear. Many times we may fail, but then if we keep going the prize is worth the effort. Theodor Geisel as most of you may know had forty+ rejections before being accepted. He became a beloved author known as Dr. Seuss.

Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

I will leave you with a link that seems to exemplify the above.


Until next time, here is to living in harmony with ourselves and our talents. Use them and if it gets boring, do the unexpected, you never know where it might lead.

Now just for fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiGdthpNGKc

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21 thoughts on “Harmony and the Unexpected Part 2

  1. I love this post, Doris. Bringing harmony into one’s life is one of the most incredible thing that can happen, whether it be through music or some other venue. Anything to keep one grounded and happy. I need music to soothe my soul. I need Writing to get out the words I have to say, whether anyone reads them or not. I need reading, sewing and needlework to relax. You’ve put everything in perspective. Thank you.


    1. Youa are welcome, Linda. Although I don’t sing as much anymore, music, meditation and walking help to keep me centered. The writing and performing keep me going. Here is to finding that ‘sweet’ spot in our lives. Doris


  2. You make a good point when you say that each of us have our own favorites. One person’s music is another person’s noise. One person’s classic literature is another person’s trash. It’s all music. It’s all writing.


  3. Doris, great blog. You are so right and the older we get the less we care about what others think. I just listened to a different version of Ring of Fire by “Home Free”. Ver interesting. I will have both in my music app. Cher’ley


    1. Cher’ley, I admit I have become a fan. I think in large part to my love of musical harmony. (But I love music in almost all its forms).
      I think the gift of age is the gift of loving who we are and what we love. Enjoy the music. Doris


  4. Yes I agree music and writing are very similar and can transport their audiences to different worlds. Also like the idea of people seeing works from different angles and giving it their interpretations!


    1. Travis,

      I agree. I think there is joy in seeing the same story in different ways. It allows you to see so much more. Thanks for stopping by. Doris


  5. I loved your comparison about how the same story is different when told by different people and neither is right or wrong. I have used a similar comparison when talking out the different between taking photographs with a film camera or a digital camera. Neither is right or wrong. It is simply using a different method to capture the image the way different words capture a story.


  6. Nice continuation from your Monday blog post. Yep, we have so many genres in fiction, just like we have musical styles. I love fantasy, and occasionally will venture away from it, but I always seem to return to it. I am comfortable writing fantasy, but when I finish the third book of my trilogy later this year, I will venture into unknown territory — a historical Civil War novel. I used to be a re-enactor, so I feel comfortable with the historical details. Still, it will twist my rules just a bit.


  7. Thank you Mike. I will look forward to your historical, it sounds like a really good story idea. I think we grow when we step away and to the unexpected. We sometimes learn things we never knew and found we could do things we never thought we could. Doris


  8. Thanks for a thoughtful post, Doris. I’ve been writing blog posts recently about what’s needed for different genre styles. It’s lovely to know that, as an author, it’s possible to try something different. Bringing in the harmony is an interesting aspect to develop! ie Maybe a bit like the fact that i’m writing time-travel which blends my love of Celtic Historical with contemporary characters. It’s not going to be easily classified but you’re very correct about there being room for many different, but all equally good, styles of writing.


    1. Nancy,

      Thank you. Personally, boxes never fit well, so I tend to ignore them. The stories we tell all have their own harmony and I think our psyche demands we follow our hearts. Best to you on the new book. Personally I love the concept. Doris


  9. Interesting post, I did find myself going off on tangents watching You Tube Tho! Esp. the child stars on America’s got Talent. Harmony is so important, and I think we have many angry people in the world because they don’t understand that, and never figured out how to have it. It bleeds over into relationships, etc. Accepting what is harmonious to ourselves in the face of others takes courage! And could keep us writing until we are successful in our own realm. Enjoyed the direction your post took me.


    1. Neva,

      That can happen with You Tube. I also agree that harmony is important, and not everyone gets it. It is almost like they want to be unhappy. But we can’t control anyone but ourselves and if we wish to be successful, we need to follow that.

      I am glad the post worked for you, it makes my writing worthwhile when others can get something from it. Doris


  10. Wonderful post, Doris! We do need to try new things and stop being comparison junkies! We need the harmony, and we need all our different voices. Thanks–and thanks for the music links. I’m really loving Home Free.


    1. Stephanie,

      Another fan. I love listening to these guys. You are welcome for the links!

      It has taken me a long time to find peace with myself about comparisons, still have my moments, but so important. Doris


    1. Thank you Erin. I have my mother to thank for part of that concept. She and my dad were always telling me, we are each different, some better and some worse than ourselves. It all balances out. I took it from there. (Grin) Doris


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