Apple of My Eye

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

Since the end of August, I’ve patiently awaited apple-picking season. I love fresh from the orchard apples, there is just nothing like them. Plus, picking a bushel or two with the kids is always an adventure.

Just like strawberry picking, the kids add an element of surprise to our trip to the orchard. Some one might get lost in the orchard, stung by a bee or pick about 5lbs of too green apples, you just never know.

I bet you think it takes awhile to pick 40lbs of apples, not really. It takes the kids about 15 minutes, so much for a fun all day adventure. I spend most of my time fielding “is this one ripe?” questions. I never even pick an apple.

This year the girls decided to work as a team. My oldest daughter hoisted her sister on her shoulders and they were apple-picking machines, getting the best apples from up high. While, my son and I had to content ourselves with the apples on the lower branches. Everything went great until the apple picker dropped an apple on her sisters head. file9291294450047

While I look forward to apple pie, applesauce, baked apples and apple butter (hey, it’s 40lbs!) The best part is that first apple that you eat on the drive home.

Each year yields a new story. One year it was super cold and we wore mittens, one year it was so hot we were wearing shorts. This year it was mosquitoes, the orchard teemed with mosquitoes. We actually picked less than previous years because even with bug spray the mosquitoes were unbearable.

Still, totally worth it. In fact, I’m thinking of making another trip out to the orchard for another bushel of apples (we eat many apples) and some cider.

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9 thoughts on “Apple of My Eye

  1. Sounds like fun. I love using the apples up. Have made apple butter, sauce with cinnamon, apple pies etc. Last year I discovered I could make the pie filling with all the sugar and spices and a bit of flour, bag and freeze it and dump it in a crust some winter day for fresh apple pie. Don’t have to cook the apples, just peel, slice, add the frills to the filling and freeze. I did mostly thaw the filling before baking, else the crust bakes before the filling. Sounds like you have fun, and are making great memories with your kids! Neva


  2. I can just smell the apple pie baking! Thanks for bringing back good memories from my childhood. My Father took us every year to a forgotten town that had long-since decayed, but the apple trees remained. What fun we had picking them. Mom put up a lot of mincemeat, applesauce, and made everything from apple cobbler to apple pies. My favorite apples are Macintosh and Red Delicious, but there are others I love just about as well. Nothing beats a bite of a crisp apple in the fall. Thanks for posting.


  3. A good day had by all, Jennifer. 🙂 I have a few apple trees which have had good yields this year but not 40 lbs! I think I might need to find a recipe for apple butter? Would this be like a lemon ‘curd’ except with apples?


  4. Thanks for sharing the wonderful memories you are making with your children. Thank you also for bringing back some old memories. We lived next to an apple orchard when I was growing up. What a great place to let your imagination go wild.


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