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Facing my fears holds a Skyscraper meaning for me. Since I am terrified of heights. Maybe not so much now. Still, typing the word Skyscraper made my stomach flip-flop.

The 6 of us

Speaking of flip-flops, my recent beach vacation was a blast. Del and I enjoyed time with our daughter Brenda, her fiancé Will, Andrew—our middle grandson, and Ben our youngest grandson and his girlfriend Leesa. If we would have done nothing at all, it would have been a great time, but we did much more than nothing.

Riding the Stingray


We didn’t actually ride a Sting-Ray, but we did many other daring things:


Mid-air crash

A little crash

























In the Air



Del & I going up  Parasailing







Climbing a Light House

The Outer Banks Lighthouse


Top of the Lighthouse                                    Spiral Staircase


Climbing the Nags Head Lighthouse with the spiral staircase and me scared to death. (Del insisted I smile)                                

When my youngest grandson was six years old, he’d already been making up and singing songs for a while, but when I’d asked him to sing for a group of my friends he said, “Mamaw, I could never sing in front of anyone. I’m too afraid.” About a week later, he came home from school all excited, he had sang in front of his class. I said, “Ben, I thought you were afraid to sing in front of anyone.” He said, “Mamaw, sometimes you just got to face your fears.

As a youngster, I was afraid of neither man, nor beast, lot a long a lofty tree, the very highest point of the biggest bridges around, or the top of a house. Amusement rides were simply amusing. Now even though I have concurred some fears, I still have plenty left for another adventure.

Fear plays a big part in our writing. It especially played an important part in many of the chapters of Stamp Out Murder. The story centered around “A Ghost Walk”. It aslo featured a Ghost. The fear of a murderer running wild in this little town, made everyone leery, especially of strangers. James Freeman, was a stranger in Wanton WV.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 19 in Stamp Out Murder

             I caution you to be very careful. In addition, there has been some poltergeist activity along the pathway. So if a log rolls in front of you or you hear strange noises, do not fear. The poltergeist makes many noises but it will not hurt you. The danger would be if you got caught up in one of its pranks and fell. It would be so easy to fall into the river and who knows what could happen from there.”       

             The docent paused. The heavy evening air howled through the valley. Leaves rustled. The fog rose from the river. All eyes were on Richard Brown. He held a finger to his lip. 

               The rustling rapidly moved just above the walkway. People gasped.             

               “Shh. Shh.” The guide held his hands flat out in front of him and pushed down towards the ground as if to say, “keep it down”. Everyone obeyed.

               The rustling became louder. 



My latest Story “Wild Injuns, Wicked Trains, and Cerulean Blue” is in the Anthology “Cowboys, Creatures, and Callico”. If you get a chance to read it, let me know what you think.

***How does Fear or Face Your Fears, play a part in your work?”

Cher’ley’s Books are listed below and on sale at Amazon and local bookstores. And she has a new one that is freshly published with 11 other authors. 

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18 thoughts on “Face Your Fears by Cher’ley

  1. Cher’ley, I relate to fear of heights. Otherwise fears not so much. Still, we can’t let them stop us from following those dreams. Fun and great post. Doris


  2. Great post Cherley. I also have always had a fear of heights but I love the highest and scariest rides at a fair or amusement park. Not in love with spiral staircases, but can do them. Slowly, over the years, I have faced that fear and conquered much of it. This does not apply to snakes and rats. Living in Mexico I had huge rats (most everyone does) and although they don’t attack, it’s very scary to get up in the dark, turn on the kitchen light, and have one scuttle across the kitchen floor. (By the way, my kitchen was outside, as many are in Mexico. I finally hired an exterminator and he took care of the problem for me. The other thing is snakes. If I see them before they scare me I’m fine. But if I get startled by one I generally climb the highest tree, jump on a picnic table and scream, then go home to change my pants. Seriously, it’s funny how much you settle as you age, I think. I’ve always wanted to try sky-diving and/or hang gliding, but my back won’t cooperate, so that’s out. Love the pics of your family – looks like you had a grand time!


    1. Linda, I understand the rats. Haven’t seen anyblately, but river rats are as big as a dog. I’m the same with snakes, of I see them first I’m okay. We had a lot of fun. No rest, but a lot of fun. Thanks. Cher’ley


  3. I don’t like rides (get sick to my stomach) and some heights get to me, but not too bad which is helpful since I live in and enjoy the Rocky Mountains! I weave lessons on courage through my writing, to hopefully help others who have fears. I think we all need a little intrigue in our writings to captivate our readers. Good post, Cherley — looks like you all had great fun!


  4. How funny. I just wrote a post on “Facing Our Fears” that will be published tomorrow (Wed) on Judy Alter’s blog. Great minds and all that. In it I talk about how fear influences my stories.

    I’ve always been afraid of heights. Probably because I fell one story when I was three. It’s always been a challenge to visit high places. Frequently got vertigo. (Wonder if that’s a physical or emotional reaction.) But I usually have at least “tried” to keep up with the family. Went zip lining down a mountain in South Africa a few years ago. Initially scared the death out of me, but eventually I just let go and said “what the hell.”

    Sounds like you had a great vacation!


    1. Kate, I need to read your blog on Facing Fears. Glad you have tried to keep up witg your family. It challenges us. I don’t have a desire to zip line, but I would love to go to Africa. Cher’ley


  5. I’m not really afraid of heights but I’m not a fan of standing at a cliff edge in high winds. 🙂 Good post and I’ve loved those holiday exploits. I’ve never para sailed or hang glided but I do fancy trying it -even though I’d be terrified.


  6. Great pics! You would have hated one of the things I did this weekend in Chicago. We went to the sky deck of the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) and stood on the ledge, a clear overhang that lets you look straight down on the city and the river, right under your feet. I liked it. 🙂


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