Get ready for NASA’s shooting star

In four days, if all goes well – if the weather stays acceptable and there’s no mechanical glitches – Orion, America’s new manned spacecraft, will launch into orbit. It won’t have crew aboard. In fact, the cabin lacks a life support system. Like Apollo, Orion requires a service module with a large engine and maneuvering … Continue reading Get ready for NASA’s shooting star


Birth Seasons Affect your Personality by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher'ley Grogg   The season is changing back and forth, does that affect your mood? Grrr-I’m laughing.I’m not a Grrr person, but it seems that I should be grumpier since my birth month is in the winter.     Here are a few examples of how your birth seasons affect your mood: Cyclothymictemperament … Continue reading Birth Seasons Affect your Personality by Cher’ley

Lazy Dog

This blog post by Jennifer Flaten I don’t care how old you are, it will always feel wonderful, and a little naughty to turn the alarm off, rollover and go back to sleep. Since, today is the start of the kids’ thanksgiving break, I got do just that, the alarm went off, but I turned … Continue reading Lazy Dog

Giving Thanks for Turkeys–and Other Things

This post by Stephanie Stamm. What do you think of when you think of Thanksgiving? Family, friends, food, the history of the holiday? I’d guess that two of the first things that come to mind for most of us are the purpose of the holiday—that is, giving thanks— and the center of the traditional Thanksgiving … Continue reading Giving Thanks for Turkeys–and Other Things

Holiday Hardship by Abbie

  This post by Abbie Johnson Taylor Thanksgiving is almost here. In past years, I’ve lost my mother, two grandmothers, my husband, and my father. Although I try to keep a joyful attitude during this time, the following poem from That’s Life illustrates how difficult the holidays can be for those who have lost loved … Continue reading Holiday Hardship by Abbie

Bouchercon 2014 by Travis

this post by Travis Richardson   Two weeks ago I had a fun and exhausting time at Bouchercon, "the world mystery conference." This is my fourth year to attend and it was held in Long Beach, CA.  From Thursday through Sunday, it seemed I was on the go trying to see writers I admire and say … Continue reading Bouchercon 2014 by Travis

Imagination Universe, Bipolar Bears, and Mind Gremlins by Craig

This post by Craig Snider Have you ever heard an artist saying any of the following? 1. I only create when I feel the muse. 2. I wait for inspiration. 3. Write drunk, edit sober. 4. I have to be high to create. 5. I stopped taking my medication because it inhibited my creativity. 6. … Continue reading Imagination Universe, Bipolar Bears, and Mind Gremlins by Craig

Getting ready for…

This post is by Nancy Jardine I will…in a minute! No NaNoWriMo for me this November, though I did make myself a simple target - FINISH THE WIP. The one that’s been going on for months now. I’ve added around twenty thousand words, and completely changed the whole ending, which has also meant revisions to … Continue reading Getting ready for…

Book Tour with No Big Publisher Backing by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher'ley Grogg If you have no backing from a big publisher,  it’s harder to set up a book tour. What do you want? Define your goals. Are you trying to sell X number of books? Or do you want to build a platform and make contacts? Will you read from your books … Continue reading Book Tour with No Big Publisher Backing by Cher’ley

Getting Social

This post by Jennifer Flaten We bought the girls smartphones, albeit the cheapest ones possible, for their thirteenth birthday. This was not a gift I took lightly. In order to get the smartphones the girls had to demonstrate their responability by keeping their previous phones, simple cheap flip phones, charged and undamaged for a year. … Continue reading Getting Social