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If you have no backing from a big publisher,  it’s harder to set up a book tour.

What do you want? Define your goals. Are you trying to sell X number of books? Or do you want to build a platform and make contacts? Will you read from your books or have you written something else to read? Or will you just interact with the folks?How far will you want to go. Less than a hundred miles from your home or more?

The famous Shah Mohammed Bookstore, the one fr...
The famous Shah Mohammed Bookstore, the one from the „Bookseller of Kabul“ by Asne Seierstad. Strange selection of very expensive books. I bought second hand „Nachtzug nach Lissabon“ for 9 USD. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. Set up potential contacts. Perhaps Facebook friends or writing group contacts can help you out.
  2. See where other authors have read on their tours. How have they set it up?
  3. Call bookstores, libraries, universities, bars, restaurants, cafés, and community centers. Also try to think of at least one unusual place to include in your tour. Don’t overlook book clubs or a reading in a private home with at least six people there. Consider including another author or two on your tour. It would be a good idea to take someone with you when going to a private home, unless you know the host.
  4. Always have your distributor and ISBN number handy. It’s The picture is copied from wikipedia:cy. The o...especially essential when talking to a bookstore or library.


Use your personal mailing list and other contacts to publicize your readings as widely as possible. Contact your local news station. Drop off a press release to your newspaper. People are interested in meeting you.

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store.

Converse with the bookseller about the best location. Treat them with the utter most respect. They can help your sales and make you feel welcome. Make your display pleasing to the customers. Have on hand breath mints, bookmarks, business cards, and extra pens. Have a give-a-way contest to get people to give you their email addresses. A pretty basket with a few non-expensive items and maybe an autographed book will usually do the trick. Entertain your audience. Don’t sit behind your table. Get up, move around, enteract with others. If there is no one there, interact with your host when they are not busy.

If you are going to several cities there are other steps you need to research, but other than motels and travel arrangements, at home or away are about the same.

Enjoy yourself, and remember you are an author, people want to get to know you.

***Have you had a book tour?” If you have had, can you add to this blog?”***

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20 thoughts on “Book Tour with No Big Publisher Backing by Cher’ley

  1. Thank you for this informative post, Cherley. I have not done a Book Tour, but hope to, and your tips are much appreciated. I really dislike the promoting part of writing – I’d much rather write, but if I don’t do it no one else will! I so appreciate you sharing your wealth of information with all of us!


  2. Good stuff here, Cherley. I’m still in the editing process on book 3 of the trilogy, working at a turtle’s pace, not the rabbit. But when I’m ready to query my ebook/POD publisher, I’ll have to start thinking up ways of publicizing/marketing “Assassins’ Lair.”


  3. Cher’ley, I’ve not done a book tour, but some friends have been very effective. One, who self published a poetry book made great inroads by working with gift shops, book stores, etc. Another friend, who had ‘Western” themed book did book signings are feed stores and other farm, western themed businesses.

    Great information and best to you. Doris


  4. Great information, thanks, Cherley. I’ve done virtual book tours for all of my releases but not physical ones. The reason I’m selling my books at Craft Fairs is because we have few bookstores in Aberdeenshire and they aren’t doing author events any more – except if you are a ‘hugely big list’ author at Waterstones Aberdeen. So no bookstores for me. For my next release I do aim to do more of the libraries, etc. I’ve tried press releases but only the very local rags have done a feature- though they were fantastic. I’m now doing talks at Women’s Rural Institute meetings and such-like groups, but they book more than a year ahead so it will be ‘chance’ if I’m attending one when a new book is freshly released. Like Linda- I’d rather be writing, but needs must as you have pointed out! 😉


  5. Good information, Cher’ley! I haven’t done anything like this, and should try to at some point. I haven’t been very good about exploring all the various marketing avenues. I hope to get better at that and you’ve offered good suggestions!


  6. Great information, Cher’ley. I’ve tried many of the things you suggest, and some have been good, others not as successful. I’m doing at least three signings before Christmas, maybe four, and I’ve done the press release for the first and will be on a radio program in the (Montana) community Wed. morning before the Fri night signing. Hopefully, all the signings will go well, and I wish you well also. Thanks for the great blog post of ideas!


  7. Thanks for the wonderful tips, Cherley. I have not done a physical book tour but have done a couple online. I’ll refer to this when I’m ready to get out and market. I hate it! I always feel like I’m begging for people to buy my book. I need to get in the right frame of mind I guess. Plus, we live in such a rural area I’ll have to drive all over Wisconsin to schedule anything. This post is a good start for me.


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