Lazy Dog

Jennifer FlatenThis blog post by Jennifer Flaten

I don’t care how old you are, it will always feel wonderful, and a little naughty to turn the alarm off, rollover and go back to sleep.

Since, today is the start of the kids’ thanksgiving break, I got do just that, the alarm went off, but I turned it off and went back to sleep since the kids are finally old enough to enjoy the joys of sleeping in too.

The cats, on the other hand, were not amused. They believe breakfast is late if it hits their dish at 3 minutes past 6a, so breakfast at 7 is completely unacceptable.

To make this point, Noodles, our youngest cat, positioned himself on the pillow next to me and stared at me. Pfff, that’s easy enough to ignore, I just rolled over.

Our senior cat, Pimento, really knows how to get stuff done. He plopped himself right on my chest and meowed pathetically until I got up.

I got up to feed the cats, but Ginger the dog did not. Ginger simply slithered from her spot on the bed to mine.

Ginger is a lazy, lazy dog. If two people are in bed and one gets up, she will stay in bed until the other person gets up. This is nice when my husband leaves early for work, not so nice when I get up to feed the cats, get the kids up and fed, and discover the lazy dog is still in bed.

On most days, Ginger staggers from the warm cozy bed into the living room then hops up on the couch with one of the kids and promptly falls back asleep.007

I am not used to such a lazy dog. Pepper, our first dog, was a charming mix of black lab and Brittany spaniel. He took his job as timekeeper very seriously. He made sure we got up at exactly 6a every day. If we tried to sleep in, he would stand at the foot of bed shifting his weight from paw to paw. Such a subtle sound but one guaranteed to drive you up and out of your bed.

When the girls were babies, if I got up in the middle of the night to tend to the babies, Pepper would get up with me and keep me company. He would also follow me out to the couch on the nights I battled insomnia.

The only thing guaranteed to drive Ginger from the bed is the sound of a cat bowl falling to the floor, especially in the morning when Ginger knows it is filled with canned cat food. She can be sound asleep, snoring even, but if a bowl hit’s the floor she snaps awake and zips into the kitchen to do clean up duty.

Still lazy or not I love that silly dog.

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10 thoughts on “Lazy Dog

  1. Very charming post, Jennifer. It’s funny how different pets act, isn’t it? I went from having a lazy dog to a hyperactive one and although she’s very cute she would drive us crazy if we let her. I love your stories of family life with pets, kids and all that goes with it. Since I’m long past that era, it’s fun to remember my own experiences when I read your posts. Thanks!


  2. The pets have their own time table, and unless one gets lucky, you can’t ignore it. I felt like I was there with you. Such joy they give us, so what if we can’t sleep in…grin. Doris


  3. Fun post, Jennifer! Animals have their own personalities like people do. My cats are very different–one completely skittish, the other a confident, cuddly love-ball. I love them! Enjoy your holiday!


  4. Loved your post, Jennifer! (dog and cat person that I am!!) Our dog, Mary, stays in bed when I get up because my husband is the sleeper-inner and she curls up next to him. But, as you said, once the cat food hits the dishes in the kitchen, Mary has to come out and try to grab some herself. Baby gates come in quite handy even if one doesn’t have a baby! Hope your Thanksgiving was delightful (and that you got a nap later in the day!)


  5. We have a lab shepherd mix that was all energy for years. In recent years she has slowed down quite a bit. She is the last one up in the morning , not the first. She has slowly replaced her play routine with naptime. Just the same I love having her greet me when I get home. Even if some days I have to wake her up and tell her I am home.

    We worried about how she would adjust to the new house. Once she got the back yard figured out she was fine. Pets really are a part of the family.


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