Reevaluate Your Goals

Jennifer FlatenThis post by Jennifer Flaten

I think we all agree that goals are good. Goals help propel us or keep us on track, but unrealistic goals can stress us out.

That is why occasionally you need to reevaluate your goals, because let’s face it, life has an annoying habit of interfering with our best of intentions. It isn’t easy to change your goal, it can make you feel like you are giving up, or maybe not working hard enough, but the truth is if something in your life be it work, illness or family is making it hard for you to reach your goal, you need to account for it.

In my case, I love walking it is my favorite form of exercise. I looked forward to my walk. I used it to think, plan or simply empty my mind.

For several years, my goal was to walk 2 miles a day. Most days I came close or even surpassed-obviously easier in the warmer months, still I got close to my goal during the winter months too.

Then I P9030473had a major schedule change, I now work in an office 2 days a week, and all three kids are involved in a variety of after school activities. Now, I have a lot less time to do everything. Walking is still important, I want to reach my goal, but it getting harder and harder.

An activity that I loved suddenly became something I dreaded. I didn’t relax on my walk I spent all the walk thinking about how I was going to accomplish all my other tasks that I could be doing if I wasn’t on this walk.

Not good. So, I walked less, but this made me feel lazy because I wasn’t meeting this goal…a goal I knew I could meet. It was becoming stressful.

So, I changed my goal. It is winter in Wisconsin. It is cold and it gets dark early, so I gave myself permission to reset my goal from 2 miles a day to a half a mile a day. That way if I missed a day, for whatever reason, I could surely make it up another day.

Instantly, my walk returned to its calm oasis that I looked forward to.

How do you feel about goals?

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