Gift Giving

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I suffer from gift anxiety, but only for major gift giving holidays and only for my kids. I never doubt whether my husband or mother will like the gifts I pick, but I am paralyzed with fear that I will buy one of the kids something they truly don’t want.

What’s strange is if I suddenly find myself with a little extra money and the urge to do something nice for the kids I can pick out a gift in minutes. Yet, when a major gift giving holiday is at hand birthdays, Christmas or even Easter I find myself dithering in the aisles torn between gift a, b or possibly c.

There I stand in the aisle mumbling to myself ‘Wait did I see c for a better price on the other side of town. What if the intended kid doesn’t like it.’ One year I spent 30 minutes trying to decide if my daughter would like a sing along Barbie.

To combat this I go shopping with my husband. He is never uncertain about what gift to buy. He doesn’t vacillate between two toys. If the kid put a lego set on his wish list then by god he is going to buy a Lego set. He will not spend more than 2 minutes deciding between Lego Star Wars and Lego Hobbit. He will grab one and we are off to the next item on the list.

He is also helpful for carrying packages, which is something I hate to do.

How about you? Do you suffer gift anxiety or do you grab and go?

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