Frozen Cookies

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Christmas is one week away and today is Bake Cookie Day, coincidence? I think not. Whether you are a skilled baker or a novice in the treats department today is an excellent excuse to get in the kitchen and bake a batch of cookies. Even if you consider your self all thumbs in the kitchen a batch of Nestle Toll House cookies are a cinch to make, in fact, I have that recipe memorized. You could even cheat a teeny tiny bit and buy some pre-made dough that you baked at home. All that matters is you get a delicious cookie and a tall glass of milk.

My Grandma didn’t bake much, and when she did it was usually a Jiffy cake mix, but at Christmas, she would make an assortment of Christmas cookies. To keep the cookies fresh and away from my Grandpa, who had quite a sweet tooth, she would put the cookies in an old JCPenney shirt box and store them in the freezer.

Once I was old enough to figure out where she hid the cookies, the fact that they were in cold storage didn’t stop me at all. Demonstrating amazing Ninja skills, I would sneak out to the freezer and steal a frozen cookie. Did I wait for it to thaw? Heck no. I ate that cookie frozen. The best frozen cookies (from years of research) are chocolate chip cookies. The worst oatmeal raisin.  00701

Since I am an adult now I no longer need to snitch cookies from the freezer, if I want a cookie I can bake a batch of cookies–and yes, I’ve done that, baked a batch of cookies simply because I want a cookie–but they never taste as good as those I pilfered from the freezer.

What is your favorite holiday cookie?
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