Frozen Cookies

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Christmas is one week away and today is Bake Cookie Day, coincidence? I think not. Whether you are a skilled baker or a novice in the treats department today is an excellent excuse to get in the kitchen and bake a batch of cookies. Even if you consider your self all thumbs in the kitchen a batch of Nestle Toll House cookies are a cinch to make, in fact, I have that recipe memorized. You could even cheat a teeny tiny bit and buy some pre-made dough that you baked at home. All that matters is you get a delicious cookie and a tall glass of milk.

My Grandma didn’t bake much, and when she did it was usually a Jiffy cake mix, but at Christmas, she would make an assortment of Christmas cookies. To keep the cookies fresh and away from my Grandpa, who had quite a sweet tooth, she would put the cookies in an old JCPenney shirt box and store them in the freezer.

Once I was old enough to figure out where she hid the cookies, the fact that they were in cold storage didn’t stop me at all. Demonstrating amazing Ninja skills, I would sneak out to the freezer and steal a frozen cookie. Did I wait for it to thaw? Heck no. I ate that cookie frozen. The best frozen cookies (from years of research) are chocolate chip cookies. The worst oatmeal raisin.  00701

Since I am an adult now I no longer need to snitch cookies from the freezer, if I want a cookie I can bake a batch of cookies–and yes, I’ve done that, baked a batch of cookies simply because I want a cookie–but they never taste as good as those I pilfered from the freezer.

What is your favorite holiday cookie?
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10 thoughts on “Frozen Cookies

  1. I’ve never been much for cookies, but my late husband loved them. His favorite was the chocolate chip cookies from Schwann. All I had to do was put them on a cookie sheet and bake them for about fifteen minutes, and he was happy. They were also a hit at potluck parties.


  2. Ah, the Holiday baking. Don’t do much now, but in the old days, fudge was the thing. (Now I go to a specialty shop buy my fix, that way I don’t eat too much…Grin) Doris


  3. Your post brought back memories, both when a kid and earlier in adulthood. Mom would always do lots of cooking during the Christmas season — sugar cookies coated in colored icing and candy sprinkles (in the shape of Santas, snowmen, trees, etc.), and fudge. Both my sister and I loved to crawl up on a chair and dip our fingers into the bowl full of cookie dough and taste a chunk of it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. When grown and returning home for a visit, I’d find myself doing the same thing, stealing a taste of cookie dough. When she’d put the finished cookies out on the counter to cool, I could resist… I’d grab one and enjoy the sensation and taste of the icing melting in my mouth. Great memories, especially now that mom’s passed away.


  4. My sister use to sneak frozen cookie dough. Mom would buy several rolls when it was on sale. Usually by the time we got around to making cookies the chocolate chip cookie dough was all gone.


  5. I have a grown daughter that still steals frozen cookies from my freezer. I have made our Christmas fudge twice this year. It’s a recipe my grandmother sent every year from her home 500 miles away when I was a kid and I can still see and taste that creamy fudge. Somehow, mine doesn’t seem to have the same special taste. It’s called Smith college fudge and is made with real cream, cocoa, sugar, corn syrup and love. But I think taste is influenced by the situation, e.g. sneaking something or receiving it from someone special. Fun post.


  6. I’ve never tried to freeze cookies or even eat them frozen. It will have to be a new experience I try someday, Jennifer. I’ll take your advice, though, and avoid the oatmeal ones. 😉


  7. Ninja skills. Ha! I used to love baking cookies with my mother. Now I usually do it with my book group. We get together for an annual cookie bake & exchange. I missed it this year, because I was out of town last weekend. But it’s a great time, and we end up with lots of great cookies.


  8. I’ve eaten frozen Girl Scout thin mints, but when I was a child and then a mother, our family tradition has always been to make several batches of yummy cookies and fudge and share them with out neighbors. The fudge plate always looks a little spare while I’m packing things up but when I see the big grin on hubby’s face it’s enough for me. My mother always made pinoche fudge and chocolate. My chocolate fudge is always a hit at parties and I love to make it although it takes a lot of time. Monday the hubby and I are going to do our Christmas baking and we are both looking forward to it. Probably my favorite Christmas cookie is Pecan Tarts, but Mexican Wedding Cookies, Iced Sugar Cookies and the peanut butter cookies with a chocolate star in the middle. Can’t wait to get busy!


  9. My grandmother and mother both baked a lot at Christmas when I was a kid. I’ve shared baking times with my mother but neither of us do that much anymore. We did bake chocolate chip cookies together during Thanksgiving and that was a wonderful blessing … and brought back wonderful memories! MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!


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