Energy, energy…E=mc²

This post is by Nancy Jardine. Energy efficiency in my house, and with my writing, has been the theme of my past week. However, even finding out about it has totally zapped up my physical and emotional reserves. Making the PLAN happen isn’t so straightforward. We’ve recently had an energy efficiency survey done of our … Continue reading Energy, energy…E=mc²


What’s Next?

This post by Gayle M. Irwin The blue-gray and black Great Dane stretched his large head and giant body from the back seat of my car, as he looked through the rear window of my Subaru Outback. I had just driven away from the home he'd known for the past week, being fostered for an … Continue reading What’s Next?

Love What You Do

This post by Jennifer Flaten I don’t normally watch awards shows, but flipping through the TV channels on Sunday I caught a moment of the SAG awards. Specifically, Francis McDormand’s acceptance speech there she was on stage accepting her award for best actress in a mini-series for her performance in Olive Kitteridge. What caught my … Continue reading Love What You Do

Always Beginning

By Stephanie Stamm I’ve posted elsewhere about my affair with the Marco Polo series on Netflix. Among the many things to enjoy about the series are the beautifully choreographed martial arts scenes—reminiscent of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I have been practicing tai chi since September, and I can see similar moves in the fight scenes. … Continue reading Always Beginning

Not Losing My Mind by Erin Farwell

I recently learned that I carry a gene for early onset Alzheimer’s. While this was startling news, it wasn’t devastating as I know that it is not a diagnosis, simply knowledge that my chances of having this disease are slightly greater than that of the general population. I am also a firm believer that knowledge … Continue reading Not Losing My Mind by Erin Farwell


Post copyright 2015 by Doris McCraw             I confess to having a love/hate relationship with resources. They are a blessing or a curse to your writing. As I make this journey of being a writer, the use of resources is a must. Writing fiction as Angela Raines, the use of old … Continue reading CURSED RESOURCES

The thump-thump of the hurting and the dying

The tenth-floor hospital room rumbled and shook… thump-thump-thump. Earlier, I asked, “Is that the bed in the next room?” “No, I think it’s a medical transport helicopter,” replied my dad’s niece, Belinda Barfield. Several days before dad rested in a coronary care step-down bed that could be vibrated for massage and bedsore-prevention purposes. A few … Continue reading The thump-thump of the hurting and the dying

A Tour to Hole in the Wall

By Neva Bodin The Hole-in-the-Wall gang, if not already famous, was catapulted into public awareness back in 1969, by a fiction film, based on some fact, about one famous gang that frequented the place in Wyoming known as the hole in the wall: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Paul Newman and Robert Redford were … Continue reading A Tour to Hole in the Wall

Sick of Winter by Abbie

This post by Abbie Johnson Taylor Spring can come any time as far as I’m concerned. I’m tired of looking at snow, feeling arctic air on my face, and walking like a little old lady over ice to keep from ending up horizontal. I live on a side street built into a hill. In order … Continue reading Sick of Winter by Abbie

Another Try

This post by Jennifer Flaten I picked my daughter up from her first Forensics Tournament on Saturday. I couldn’t wait to hear all the details. After settling herself in my car she answered my initial questions, but in a rather subdued manner, not her usual bubbly self. I figured she was tired. After all, it … Continue reading Another Try