Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

I found myself writing 2015 on my checks a few days ago. Obviously, I am ready for this year to be over.

Whether you love to stay up until midnight to usher the new year in, or figure the best way to great the new year is well-rested, I hope your 2015 is filled with love, friendship and laughter.

For several years now the kids have vowed to stay up until midnight. In order to fill those long hours until the ball drops the kids have a “party” in their room. It includes snacks, beverages, movies and glow sticks.

They set up the laptop in my son’s room and everyone got cozy in their blankets and watched movie after movie. Every once and a while I would check in on them. That first year no one made it past 10p.

Last year our son dropped off at 9pm, but the girls were still up at 11p. I really didn’t want to deal with grouchy kids the next day so we watched the ball drop in Times Square (thank you time difference) and packed them off to bed.

I don’t think we are going to get away with watching the ball drop early this year. The girls seem determined to wait for midnight. I am sure they can’t wait send their friends Happy New Year texts at 12:01am.

decemberActually, that is a great way to greet the new year, filled with happy anticipation. I think that is exactly how I will greet the new year, even if I do it at 8pm, instead of 12am.

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