To follow your dream have a plan

CindyCarrollEIt’s a new year so of course there are a lot of blog posts out there about resolutions or goals. My main goal will take a few years to accomplish. It’s not one that I can just do this year and have it complete. To achieve my main goal I will have to finish a bunch of smaller tasks. When I list them below though they won’t seem small.

First, the main goal – to be a full time writer. To get there I need to write. I need to write a lot. But I also need a plan. A business plan.

I’m hoping listing my goals in as many places as possible will help me stay on track and accountable.

Onto the goals:

1. Write 600,000 words (need to write 2600 words a day, weekends off)
2. Release Almost Normal (key revisions, send to editor, make changes)
3. Release new adult dystopian trilogy (write 2600 words a day, then revisions, edits)
4. Read 24 books (two books a month)
5. Watch 100 movies (2 movies a week)
6. Continue on low carb diet (find that willpower and keep don’t give in to temptations)
7. Exercise three times a week (Wii fit, walking)
8. Spend quality time with family and friends (weekly visits)
9. Blog regularly (write posts on weekends and schedule for during the week)

I’m also creating a business plan this year. To help me with coming up with the plan, what to include, what I should think about, I found these guest posts by Denise Grover Swank to be very helpful:

So far the business plan is 15 pages. I’m detailing the stories I want to release this year. What my proposed release schedule is. In that section I list dates for when the stories need to be finished, when I need to finish revisions, when I need to send them to the editor.  I’m also including my intended prices, marketing ideas. I’m hoping once that is printed up and staring me in the face every day I will stay on track.

What are your writing goals for the year?

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