To follow your dream have a plan

CindyCarrollEIt’s a new year so of course there are a lot of blog posts out there about resolutions or goals. My main goal will take a few years to accomplish. It’s not one that I can just do this year and have it complete. To achieve my main goal I will have to finish a bunch of smaller tasks. When I list them below though they won’t seem small.

First, the main goal – to be a full time writer. To get there I need to write. I need to write a lot. But I also need a plan. A business plan.

I’m hoping listing my goals in as many places as possible will help me stay on track and accountable.

Onto the goals:

1. Write 600,000 words (need to write 2600 words a day, weekends off)
2. Release Almost Normal (key revisions, send to editor, make changes)
3. Release new adult dystopian trilogy (write 2600 words a day, then revisions, edits)
4. Read 24 books (two books a month)
5. Watch 100 movies (2 movies a week)
6. Continue on low carb diet (find that willpower and keep don’t give in to temptations)
7. Exercise three times a week (Wii fit, walking)
8. Spend quality time with family and friends (weekly visits)
9. Blog regularly (write posts on weekends and schedule for during the week)

I’m also creating a business plan this year. To help me with coming up with the plan, what to include, what I should think about, I found these guest posts by Denise Grover Swank to be very helpful:

So far the business plan is 15 pages. I’m detailing the stories I want to release this year. What my proposed release schedule is. In that section I list dates for when the stories need to be finished, when I need to finish revisions, when I need to send them to the editor.  I’m also including my intended prices, marketing ideas. I’m hoping once that is printed up and staring me in the face every day I will stay on track.

What are your writing goals for the year?

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14 thoughts on “To follow your dream have a plan

  1. Good post Cindy. Although I don’t write with an outline, I do keep my schedule of goals on a whiteboard in my office. If I didn’t have it I would surely waste a lot more time than I do. Thank you for the links. I’ve written a business plan for the last two years, but last year’s was totally ignored because of my illness. This is a new year, I have new goals, and I am making sure I follow them. Your links are very helpful.


  2. Wow, great goals. I am not a goal or business plan type person, but I do have directions. I wish you all the best and know you will succeed. Go for it. Doris


  3. Wow, Cindy, very detailed business plan for your writing career. Your road ahead is well it… I think you’ll successfully drive it. For myself, I just keep general goals… keep writing stories for my author’s page, write posts for Writing Wranglers & Warriors and finish my latest novel. But again, I know the unpredictability of life can shatter all plans. Right now I’m not at home in Las Vegas, but in Ohio and West Virginia visiting my dad, who suffered a heart attack last week and is still in the hospital, weak, fighting the flu, a tired heart and COPD lungs.


    1. Thanks, Mike. Yes, life happens so my writing time only includes weekdays for now. If something happens I can hopefully catch up on weekends. Sorry to hear about your father. I hope he improves quickly.


  4. I’ll have to have a look at those sites, Cindy, since I’m going to be needing some very realistic business/ marketing plans. At present, I think I give away more copies than I sell and that seems a just a tad wrong! (I’m joking but I do need to be more business like) Good luck with your plans.


  5. Wow, you go, Cindy! Great goals–and great drive going after them. I’m not nearly so good at the business side of my writing life. Thanks for the links! All the best in reaching those goals–long-term, yes, but you’ve outlined some of the smaller steps to make them happen.


  6. Wow, that is an ambitious list. Mine is for this year is much smaller. Actually it isn’t really a list. It is just one thing I have vowed to do this year. I have vowed to submit once a week. Photos or writing it will vary from week to week. Some weeks ill be easier than others depending on what the publishers prefer. Yes it is only a few weeks into the year But I am o track. So far this year I have submitted a book proposal, and submitted photos to a greeting card company and a calendar company. So I am on track. Hope you are able to stay on tack. Keep us informed on your progress.


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