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My youngest twin needed something to do and I needed cake so I handed her a box mix and turned her loose in the kitchen.

She did a great job or measuring and stirring asking me just a few questions for clarification. She even did the dishes!

After she popped it into the oven she spent the next 20 minutes alternating between asking me if it was done yet and peering into the oven to verify that it was still in there and still cooking away.

Finally, the timer rang and she pulled it out of the oven and set in on the cooling rack. Of course, she wanted to frost it immediately. I thought it would come to fisticuffs when I told her she couldn’t until it was cool. Thus, began the 20-minute siege of “Is it time to frost it yet”.

At last, it was time to frost the cake. After liberally applying frosting, she set out to decorate the cake. Maybe this is a good time to mention my kids love all of Food Networks programming, especially the cake/cupcake competitions.Ale 2014 1

As I passed through the kitchen on the way to the laundry room, she was applying jimmies, when I came back through the kitchen she was adding candles.

Apparently, she’s never heard of gilding the lily….because let me tell you that cake was decorated within an inch of its life.

She presented the cake for dessert at suppertime. Let me tell you this cake had everything on it, and I mean everything. She even crushed up some sour candy canes and sprinkled them on top (so that was that interesting crunch).

Okay, so she needs to learn a little restraint, but it was still a delicious cake and she never stopped once to question whether it was a good idea to put sour candy canes and M & Ms on the cake, she just did it. The cake wasn’t ruined…it was a flavor explosion that’s for sure…but it wasn’t ruined. Although, no one asked for seconds, even the baker, so I think she learned that a light touch is best for bakery items.

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7 thoughts on “Frosting

  1. All down to experience and maybe it’ll take a few tries before that restraint happens. Being given the freedom to have a go makes for the responsible person later on. Well done your and your daughter. I loved her decorating!


  2. That was so great. I once put all kinds of ingredients in a bowl, which my mother let me do, then baked it. It was the worst green cake ever made. I don’t remember how it tasted, but I do cherish the experience of over 60 years ago! Good for you.


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