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Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you keep them?

Like most everyone else I used to make resolutions every January 1, but in recent years I stopped. I never seemed to keep them, so it was a waste of time. This year however, I’ve stepped back into the arena and made three I intend to keep this time around.

treadmillMy primary goal is to lose weight and get in condition again and I have a big prod to keep this one. I’ve been living with arthritic knees for several years now and almost had a knee replacement two years ago. At the last minute I discovered my doctor was beginning to use a stem cell procedure called PRP and decided to try that instead. The PRP helped considerably. I was able to walk normally and even do stairs—slowly. However, it has become apparent that I will still eventually need replacements.Unfortunately, I became fairly sedentary in the last year which is not good for my knees. At my daughter’s wedding at the end of October, I made the mistake of trying to dance and twisted my right knee. The next day I couldn’t walk. Apparently I’d caused micro-fractures in my tibia in the areas weakened by the arthritis.

So now I face either trying a procedure that would shore up the bone for a while or biting the bullet and going for the full replacement. Before I make that decision I want to be in the best shape I possible, so I am religiously exercising each day. This resolution may not last the year but either procedure will require significant physical therapy, so by the time I’m finished, exercising may be a sustainable habit.

decisionMy second goal is one that has been on my list for years—to get my office more organized. For me being organized means making decisions. Where do I put this? What do I do with that? And I hate decisions! Please somebody, anybody do it for me!

One thing that should help me get things in order is a new desk. I got one just before I hurt myself and between that and the holidays, I haven’t accomplished much. Now as my resolution, I plan to spend at least 20 minutes each day working on my mess until things are in order. Let’s see how long that lasts!

writingMy last resolution is to write on my books daily. I go in spurts on this one. I do write a lot, but often it’s for blogs or other things. I’ve been having real problems with finishing my stories. (There have been some extenuating circumstances—family emergencies and the like.) My goal is write at least an hour a day on my works-in-progress. I’ve been doing pretty well on that so far. I’m determined to get both of my stories finished and out ASAP.

I actually wrote this piece a week ago and already I’ve fallen behind. I’ve been pretty good on the exercise front, but am having problems with losing weight. I keep telling myself that muscle weighs more so eventually I’ll start dropping. I’ve done a fair amount of writing but haven’t reached the every day goal. The biggest failure is my office. I still haven’t gotten into working on it daily and haven’t made much progress.

(To be fair to myself, I have had some major distractions…but still.) Time to reaffirm my resolutions. I’m determined to keep them this year.

How about you? It’s half way through January. Are you still keeping to your goals?


Forewarning Cover

Healing is her life. Will it be her death?


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Wyoming Escape
Two dead bodies. One dirty cop.
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16 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Kate,

    I don’t necessarily have goals, but I do have directions. So far I’m still on track. Like you there are interruptions and setbacks, but we will see where I am at the end of the year.

    I am cheering you on and know that it will work out. Best on this upcoming year. Doris


  2. I think about resolutions, tentatively trying them out in my brain and not putting them in writing as I don’t want to disappoint myself because I have a terrible record in re to keeping them! I can relate with each of yours though and need to do the same ones!! I wish you luck, stamina and success!


    1. Thanks for the good wishes. I’m not looking forward to either surgery, but don’t have much choice.

      I think one wise thing is to make goals realistic and accept small steps. Keep going.


  3. Very interesting post Kate. I do make resolutions every New Year’s Day. During the years I’ve had failures and success. Over the years I’ve learned to really think out what’s important to acomplish and try to keep myself accountable in my journal. My goals this year are to get organized again and begin writing daily. I’ve just finished the office and it’s ready to use. I’ve made a daily schedule outlining my day and it helps to keep me on track. Good luck with your resolutions – we’ll have to compare notes at the end of the year.


    1. Kudos for finishing your office. I’ve tried a daily schedule many times and it never seems to work out for me. I do make lists of what I want to do and feel good when I cross out things. Wish I could stick to a schedule. Maybe that should be another goal.


  4. I set out some achievement aims but like you, Kate, I find that my WIP writing is left till after the blog posts…and other promo stuff. Not good! I have to be more disciplined and get the new stories out. I do hope you solve your knee problems and that your next year is as relatively pain and trouble free as possible.


    1. Seems like I’m pulled in too many directions. Trying something new this week – writing elsewhere. I know lots of people go to coffee places to write. I’m trying something similar. I go over to the coast to use an anti-gravity treadmill, which lets me walk without stressing my joints. Afterwards I go to one of the beaches and write there for a while. Maybe you that might work for you. I know you have a houseful to distract you.


  5. I am alqays tryning to get organized, and my office is my main area of defeat. I have been doing some major giving away projects this year. Already U have givwn away about 1000 books. I still have more to go. I’ve ridded out my dishes and pans, my Christmas items, my video collection and some misc. things. I am also trying to get in bwtter shape. My next goal is to lose 8 pounds (it started out 16). I didn’t cset resolutions, but mt life is full of them. Cher’ley


    1. I need to join you in the clearing out process. Unfortunately my husband is a pack rat so that makes things more difficult. 🙂 But I have plenty of my own stuff to get rid of too.
      I am gradually making progress on getting in condition, so I’m happy about that.


  6. Kate, I work on organizing my office on probably a monthly basis and it is still always a mess. I use the stack system and about once a month I get rid of a stack, but it is quickly replaced by another. Your office will get organized when the mood strikes you one day. The important thing is that you are working on most of your goals.


  7. I have some similar goals as you, Kate, but I haven’t started yet — like you, I’ve had distractions, so my target date to begin “anew” in this New Year is February. I find my fellow Writing Wranglers to be such an inspiration, and I hope to follow in your encouraging footsteps soon! Best to you!!


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