Another Try

This post by Jennifer Flaten

I picked my daughter up from her first Forensics Tournament on Saturday. I couldn’t wait to hear all the details. After settling herself in my car she answered my initial questions, but in a rather subdued manner, not her usual bubbly self.

I figured she was tired. After all, it was her first tournament one that she had to get up at 5:30am to prep for and the bus ride was over an hour long.  The tournament itself lasted over 10 hours. She agreed she was tired, but there was something else bothering her.

I realized it probably had something to do with her performance. I figured she’d done OK, or at least I hoped she had. Still, I knew she hadn’t come away with any ribbons because I am sure she would  have texted me if she did.

Bracing myself for tears, or a tantrum or who knows what–she is a teenager remember. I asked how she did. She admitted she didn’t do as well as she’d hoped. I told her it was her first one, the one she learns from…still I braced myself for her disappoint, maybe even anger that she didn’t do better. Maybe she would want to quit the team–who knows with kids right?

Later when we were home, after she’d had a chance to eat and relax a bit she told her she loved performing. Yes, she was disappointed and wanted to do better, but…here’s the best part. She wanted try again immediately.

At the beginning of the season she had to pick which tournaments she wanted to participate in and now she didn’t want to wait for her next scheduled tournament. It was in 2 weeks, but she wanted to go to the next one. Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape

In order to do that she had to email the coach and ask if she could be a late entry into this weekend’s tournament.

So many components of this make me happy/proud. One, that my most reserved kid is participating in an activity that requires public speaking  and two, that her first time out she didn’t do so great, but her immediate response wasn’t “I’ll give up” or “I’m never doing that again” it was “I want to try this again immediately to see if I can do better”.

Honestly, when I was thirteen I don’t think I would have done any of those things. Certainly, not perform for an audience and certainly not something competitive. I was a truly shy kid.

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10 thoughts on “Another Try

  1. Kudos to your daughter! Isn’t it a nice surprise? My granddaughter, who is shy, was like that after being removed, along with two other petite exhibitors, in a sheep show at a state fair. The judge, to the anger and dismay of parents and others, removed them from the judging before he even started, with some remark about them being too small or something. This totally ignored the fact these kids had received grand champion ribbons in their county fairs. The others cried, my granddaughter remained stoic and tried again the next year. I was so proud of her. Kids can be so mature and resilient if we let them. Liked your blog.


  2. That is wonderful. My granddaughter started participated in a kids talent/beauty show when she was 6 and she stayed in it until she was 10 (for as long as she was allowed), and never once placed, but she loved being in it. I thought that was a positive experience for her . Fun even if she didn’t win. Cher’ley


  3. This reminds me of when I participated in high school forensics. If I remember correctly, I won second place at my first tournament, but there were some meets where I didn’t do as well. I’m glad your daughter’s willing to keep trying.


  4. That’s great! I would have been way too shy to do that too. And you have reason to be proud/pleased. Your daughter has what it takes to succeed–the ability/desire to keep trying.


  5. Kids surprise you all the time. I’d say your daughter is not a quitter, as shown by the get up and do it again attitude. Kudos to her and to you for giving her values by your own examples. Good luck to your daughter in this next competition!


  6. I love that she eagerly wants to get going, Jennifer but confess to not lnowing what the term ‘Forensics’ means. For me ‘Forensics’ has the connotation of medical examination but I don’t think that’s what you’re referring to? Clueless. 😦


  7. Good for her, and good for you too. After all you are shaping the person she is becoming. You gave her the courage to try this and the confidence to know she can do better. I wish her luck.


  8. I know how you feel. My very reserved daughter was asked to compete in a German language competition. I didn’t know what she’d think about it but was thrilled when she said she wanted to try. The competition hasn’t happened yet but the fact that she said “yes” to trying is all the win I need! Congrats.


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