Sick of Winter by Abbie

Abbie J. Taylor 010This post by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Spring can come any time as far as I’m concerned. I’m tired of looking at snow, feeling arctic air on my face, and walking like a little old lady over ice to keep from ending up horizontal. I live on a side street built into a hill. In order to get anywhere on foot, I have to ascend and descend an incline. Sidewalks aren’t always shoveled, and the street is a mess because the city only bothers to plow main thoroughfares. This makes walking out of the question, so since I don’t drive because of my visual impairment, I must depend on the minibus and friends for transportation during this time of year.

Wyoming state welcome sign, along Interstate 8...


I could move to Florida to be closer to my brother, but it’s miserably hot and muggy during the summer, as I discovered last year when I attended his wedding in July. Besides, my house is paid for, and relocating would be a big hassle. I’ve grown attached to Sheridan, despite its idiosyncrasies, so I’ll stay put and complain about winter in Wyoming. The following poem from That’s Life illustrates how I feel about snow now that I’m older and more likely to break bones if I fall.




I knew it was coming,


but silent, unwelcome,


it crept into my awareness.


When I looked out the window,


It was everywhere, the sidewalk,


grass, street all covered in milky white.


Unexpected, unwanted, there it was.


I couldn’t make it go away.


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10 thoughts on “Sick of Winter by Abbie

  1. I don’t have your eye impairment, but I do share your frustration with the danger issues of wintertime in the snow states. When I’m in Henderson/Vegas, I don’t worry much about slipping and falling — unless I don’t pay attention and trip over a curb, which I did about three weeks ago. It will occasionally snow in Vegas — like every few years, and the last time it accumulated: 2008. I’m in Ohio now visiting my 87-year-old father who’s in the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack while working to recover from the flu and pneumonia. So I’m back in the snow (lol) and now particularly liking it. So far there’s been only one snow day of accumulation over the last 2 weeks, and it was maybe an inch. I can live with that… hate ice and sleet. And anytime it snows and starts melting I do worry about slipping and falling; I don’t have the anti-snow hiking boots I once owned when I lived in snow full time back when the dinosaurs roamed Ohio. 🙂


  2. Enjoyed your post Abbie, especially the poem. Since I grew up in Michigan I am very used to the winter snow and cold (and also the fun). I lived in Florida and loved it – really didn’t mind the summer heat. I lived in Mexico where the summer is humid, but again I adjusted and really didn’t mind it. I’ve lived in other states that have hot weather and little snow. But when I got back from Mexico and returned to Michigan I realized how much I had missed not only all the seasons, but the beauty and sports the winter brings. I’m enjoying it very much and don’t plan to relocate (ever)!


  3. I’m with you Abbie, too much snow and ice the past two winters in Casper. Although we had several days of hi 40’s, there’s still some ice on edges and ends of streets that aren’t main thoroughfare. We are planning to head to AZ in 2 weeks for a couple weeks, so will really enjoy that. But couldn’t live there year around, too much heat. My internal thermostat is broke now; I don’t tolerate the extreme temps like when I was a kid. I sympathize with your getting around, it’s treacherous for everyone lately. Our street is a bit of an incline too, and sometimes we are entertained with drivers trying to make it up the street!


  4. Winter is not my favorite time to be outside, but it can be beautiful. Fortunately I live in an area that has both warm and cold. I just have to wait a few days or hours for it to change.

    Really liked the poem. Doris


  5. So far we’ve had very little snow and only a dusting when it has come, Abbie. I like crispy crunchy snow but not so much when it turns to slush. Mid-February is often the time that we get a good dollop, so I await with eagerness and also trepidation. 🙂


  6. Enjoyed your post greatly, Abbie — I can SO RELATE! Your poem is wonderful, too, and I am in full agreement!! Sheridan is a beautiful community … especially during the other three seasons. Like Cher’ley, I’d like to become a snowbird. Keep up the great writing!


  7. I’m right there with you. Unfortunately it’s only January. I am choosing to wait out the current snow storm planning out this years gardens. Since we recently moved both the flower and veggie gardens will need lots of attention come spring. I for one will be rushing spring by turning office into an office/greenhouse in about another month. Hang in there We are one day closer to spring than we were yesterday.


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