Love What You Do

This post by Jennifer Flaten

I don’t normally watch awards shows, but flipping through the TV channels on Sunday I caught a moment of the SAG awards. Specifically, Francis McDormand’s acceptance speech there she was on stage accepting her award for best actress in a mini-series for her performance in Olive Kitteridge.

What caught my attention about her speech, beside the fact she should give lessons on how to work self-promotion into a conversation. There she is accepting her award and she manages to tell everyone how they should watch her movie (if they haven’t already). She even goes on to give a little primer on where to get the movie.

Then she says the thing that strikes me the most, how much she loves her job. In fact, she spent a good couple of minutes talking about how much she loves what she does.

Well, you would expect that in someone who just won a SAG award, right? I think most of us might love what we do just a tiny bit more if it came with a nice shiny statue. file0001843560607

Still, I can honestly say I love what I do. Although, my job isn’t a straightforward job like novelist or accountant, it’s more of a stay-at-home, work-at-home, go-to-the office a couple days a week mash-up of a couple different things I like it. It suits me.

And, no, I am never going to get a statue (or even a plaque for what I do)….and some days I don’t love it. There are still days where I don’t want to work (whatever that day‘s work entails). I want to spend all day reading, knitting or staring out the window, you know basically anything but what is on that days agenda.

Day to day I think we focus on the things that irritate us about our work (whatever that may be) and we don’t focus enough on what we like about it.

Make today the day you spend a minute thinking about what you like (or hopefully love) about your job.

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