Writing in a lightweight vacuum

This post is by Nancy Jardine From 1975 till last Monday, I was the proud possessor of 3 (and a half) vacuum cleaners. Number 1 was simple to use (old fashioned technology), the hose and nozzle easy to worry into tiny nooks and crannies. Number 2 was a wet /dry cleaner (newer technology of the … Continue reading Writing in a lightweight vacuum


Lessons We Can Learn from Cats

This post by Gayle M. Irwin As many of you know, most of the time I write about dogs. It’s not that I don’t like cats, it’s just that I seem to be “more successful” writing about dogs. I have five different stories published in five different Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and each … Continue reading Lessons We Can Learn from Cats


This post by Jennifer Flaten As I write this I am sitting at the dining room table, listening to the girls decorate my birthday cake. All the kids love watching the Food Network, especially all the baking challenges. One year we even took a cupcake decorating class at the craft store. From that experience, I … Continue reading Frosted

A Not-So-Still Life with Books

By Stephanie Stamm Last week, I posted about clearing out my house, letting go of things—like notes for a dissertation completed 17 years ago—that I no longer need. While I had intended to do some clearing this year anyway, I’ve been doing more than I’d expected. The universe had bigger plans than I was aware … Continue reading A Not-So-Still Life with Books

Exploding Guinea Pigs by Mike Knotts for Erin Farwell

My wife, Erin, is sick. It’s nothing bad: just a cold. As she sits staring blankly at the computer, she says in a sad little voice “I have a blog due, and I don’t have enough energy to write something.” Optimistically, I say “I’ll write something for you.” At the back of my mind is … Continue reading Exploding Guinea Pigs by Mike Knotts for Erin Farwell

Calling the Doctor

Post copyright by Doris McCraw           As many of the readers of this blog know, I've been researching the women doctors of Colorado for some time now. My cut off date is 1900. The interesting thing about my research is the request I sometimes receive when others are looking for someone. … Continue reading Calling the Doctor

Seeking romance through the decades…

Earlier today I sat down at my HP computer and scrolled through my Facebook timeline. Up pops a post from a sixth-grade boy who lives in Grantsville, West Virginia. I have family who live there – my dad’s wife, my stepbrother and his four kids. This sixth-grader had just posted he was in a relationship … Continue reading Seeking romance through the decades…

The Slough Water Was Warm, But Wet…

by Neva Bodin Recently there was a request in the local newspaper where I spent my childhood for articles containing memories of growing up years. I began to wrack my brain, (an interesting phrase now that I think about it), for any such memories. And I asked myself if I really wanted to write about … Continue reading The Slough Water Was Warm, But Wet…

The Heat is On

This post by Jennifer Flaten Our furnace died on Sunday, not with a whimper but a bang, a huge, terrifying bang that had an accompanying scent of natural gas. So, we evacuated our house on a cold, very cold, Sunday morning. Most of us in a state of dishabille, but the dog thrilled at the … Continue reading The Heat is On

Letting Go of My Writing Past

by Stephanie Stamm I wrote a post on this blog earlier this year about my intention to focus on balance for the year. I followed that up with a post on my blog outlining the activities I decided were necessary to stay in balance. The number one item—and the one highlighted in the pie chart … Continue reading Letting Go of My Writing Past