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Why is it, the tasks you think will be the easiest frequently are the ones that give you the most trouble.

Case in point, at my part-time job I am in charge of the year-end accounting work. Now, this is a new job for me (I started in July) but the tasks themselves are not. I am very familiar with accounting software and year-end processes.

So, when I picked up a package of 1099s and saw that it came with three 1096s, the transmittal form required by the IRS, I thought. How wasteful, I only need one.

Ha, Ha silly me.

First, I had a printer alignment problem. Okay, shred that form, and run it the next one through.

All right, this 1096 looks great, let’s get the whole shebang in the mail…and I am just about the seal the envelope when I glance at my file copy and spot a typo. Uh oh, can’t send a typo to the feds. That’s form #2.

While fixing the typo, I notice that realize information was omitted from the form, which required I reprint the whole run. That’s another form. If you are keeping track you realize I am now at form #3.

Yes, I managed to use all three forms and still not have a clean copy to submit. I had to buy an entirely new package of forms, that’s right now I have three more 1096s, so that I could submit the documents.

So, my simple little task that I was positive would take me 20 minutes-tops, turned into an all-afternoon job that required a trip to the office supply store.

Uh huh next year when I’m buying the industrial size package that comes with 10 extra forms and I am will not complain about the number of extra forms. Instead, I will praise the forethought the company had to include extra forms for my inevitable screw-ups.

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10 thoughts on “Overconfidence

  1. Been there, done that (well, not exactly that, but “thought it would be simple then took the entire afternoon to finish” something! Ah, frustrations … I nearly wrote my weekend blog post on that topic. You covered it, Jennifer, so I’ll go back to my other idea: to write about dogs! Thanks for a peek into some of your frustrations, and I hope tomorrow is a much better day!


  2. I seem to be doing more of that even! Easy to relate to Jennifer. So frustrating. And seemingly so easy. I think we multi-task and have too many distractions! Good luck if you have more to do in that department.


  3. I think you hit a nerve with all of us Jennifer. We’ve all been there, done that. Believe me, there have been times when I’m sewing a little project, it becomes a big one when things don’t go write and I have to take stitches out time and time again until it’s right. But I always feel it gives me more experience, so I don’t get too upset.


  4. We have all been there. The simples tasks seem to take the most effort. Perhaps it is our mindset when we begin. Maybe it is just life poking us a bit. I don’t dare attempt to do our taxes. It just seems very intimidating to me.


  5. Evferything takes me longer these days! I thought my final run through of my manuscript for formatting reasons – after the final edits had thrown up some issues and they had been corrected- was the end but…I then find something else. the trick is to keep going… and going …


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