Something Fishy

This post by Jennifer Flaten

My birthday is February 29, which makes me a Pisces. According to the astrology charts, I am a water sign, and adore all things aquatic. I do love seafood, sea horses and the color of the ocean. Actually getting into the water….eh.

In fact, one chart insists that Pisces love nothing more than to spend the day swimming.
That’s so not me. I do like water. I just prefer viewing it from a far while I sizzle like an iguana on the nice, hot, sandy beach.

I can be persuaded to sit by the water, and I would certainly jump at the chance tIMG_6757o enjoy the sea from a stunning yacht…but swimming, and getting wet….not so much.

I am less a swimmer and more a floater and I don’t even do that very well. I hate the back float (water in my ears) and do not intend to ever float face down in the water. I don’t even like getting my face wet in the shower.
When it came time to teach the kids to swim I had to rely on my husband and parents, all three are wonderful swimmers. Now thanks to their teachings the kids are excellent swimmers, who are always begging me to go into the water with them.

Usually, I say no and stay dry and warm on the deck of the pool, but occasionally I go in the water with them. I don’t know why, maybe so they can tease me because my idea of swimming is a half-hearted doggie paddle?

Most of the time I just stand shoulder deep in the water, gently moving my arms around, sort of like a bird testing the idea of flight, I am a fish testing the idea of swimming. After swirling the water around for a while, I declare myself tired (hey, the water offers a lot of resistance) and head for the shore.

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8 thoughts on “Something Fishy

  1. Nice post Jennifer. Happy Birthday! I’ve always loved the water, as do my siblings. My mother had nearly drowned as a child and even though she didn’t swim, every day during the summer she took us to the lake and watched while we frolicked in the water. Later she stood in line to see that her children were on the bus to Red Cross swimming lessons during the summer. We’re glad she did!


  2. Some people like water; some don’t. I enjoy doing water exercises in the pool at the YMCA but don’t particularly like swimming in the ocean, although I like to stand at the water’s edge and let the waves lap over my feet.


  3. I am scared of anthing above my shoulders but learned a side stroke during lessons I took at age 20. Those lessons saved my life when a canoe full of kids I was with was tipped by two of the goofballs we were with, on purpose, in the middle of a lake in Washington. Swimming lessons are great things to have. I have one daughter who thought she was a fish and one who wouldn’t go in above her ankles when young. I think fear of water might be something prone to be in one’s nature or not. How great that your kids love it. I want to always touch bottom!


  4. I’m also a pisces, and I love the water. I don’t go swimming often enough these days, though I know it’s such gentle – yet excellent – exercise for anyone who needs to tone up a bit ( that’s a euphemism for get the exess weight off which I really could do with) 😉


  5. I am an Aquarius, also a water sign. Our new home came with a pool so I am just now learning to swim. I am not a big fan of actually getting in the water either. Perhaps I lean more toward Capricorn. I was born on what they call the cusp the date that the signs change). So I am influenced by Capricorn. Perhaps you are influenced by another sign as well.


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